Hi All, My friends and I plan to travel to China end of this year and we'd like to ask your advice and recommendations of those...

...things. Our tentative route is Nanning, Kunming, Chengdu, Juizhaigou and Emei Mt with 2 main destinations are Juizhaigou and Chengdu. We'll start from Ha Noi (Vietnam) to Nanning (China) firstly. Therefore, I'd like to ask your advice: 1. Transportation: most important The route in China: Nanning - Kunming - Chengdu - Juizhaigou - Emei Mt so how about the suitable prized and safe transportation means to each destinations: - From Nanming to Kunming: by bus/train/air? is it possible to book tickets online on English websites? - From Kunming to Chengdu: by train/air? - From Chengdu to Juizhaigou: I heard that we can go by train and air. Can you pls show me where I can book ticket? - From Juizhaigou to Emei Mt: by bus? 2. Accommodation: hostel That would be great if we can find some hostel at each destination. Thank you much 3. How about the


Country: China


1.u can take the train and air if u wanna from nanning toKunming air number:MU5764 time:11:00--11:50 price:630

ZH8006 time:18:50-20:10 price 580

CZ3863 time:19:00-20:10 price 580RMB

train:195Rm train number:2638
Kunming---Chengdu u can by train and air .but air will be better .coz if u take train will be spend near 20hours on it. u can book air tickets on website.
Chengdu-- jiuzhaigou u just can by air or bus .there isn't train. if u take bus ,u can go to the center bus staion and west gate bus chinses we called it( xin nan men qi che zhan and xi men qi che zhan ).but u should buy it in advance a day.price:121 time 8:05am--17:00pmt
u can buy the air tickets at the travel agency or the hotel .and the air company.from chengdu to jiuzhai gou just spend 45minutes.
u can't from jiuzhaigou to emei by bus directly.coz u should back chnegdu at first ,then from chengdu take bus to Emei.
2.i can help u find hotel even order a hotel in chengdu.coz i a working at chengdu .i am tour guide ,lead to the guest who speak english to the tibetan area.
so u can me when u arrived to cellphone:13540477464 if u have any question pl ask me.i will try my best help u.

best wishes for u.ciao
Kunming has the fabulous Stone Forest (Karst formations) and the big lake who's name escapes me at the moment.

The old town in Lijiang is a wonderful place to visit. See the Naxi music performance in old town, go to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain park, stay in the courtyard hotel inside the old town...simply beautiful...the mountain water from the mountain fills all the streams in the old town with gurgling water under over 300 bridge of all sizes. Temperature is spring and fall all year round.

You must see the pandas at Ya'an which is a 3 hour bus ride from Chengdu. Ya'an is in the Bifenxia Scenic Area, with a 90 meter gorge.
What time of the "end of the year" will you be here? I have lived in Chengdu for almost 4 years now, so I can give you tips about the Sichuan stuff. You can travel from Kunming by air or train. It is quite cheap for both, but it takes about 24 hours by train. I have heard the train ride is quite beautiful. It is only an 1 hour flight from Chengdu. You can book flights on or or . I would wait to book your internal flights until you get to China. It is cheaper to book last minute and once you get here you may want the option to change your mind. You can fly or take the bus to Juizhaigou. The bus takes 10+ hours and the flight is 40 minutes, but a bit expensive. I am not sure about the Juizhaigou to Emei Shan bus. You may have to come to Chengdu first as I do not think it goes in the same direction.

Emei mountain is not the greatest place to visit after October, so if you are coming afterwards you may be disappointed. If you are going for a hike and to stay in a monastary you will be pleased. The problem with Emei is the weather and between October-April you usually cannot see much at the top due to fog and clouds.

I have been to Jiuzhaigou many times and there are lots of accommodation options and one of our good friends (a foreigner) lives and works in the park. There are some Tibetan homestays that I really like and their are regular hotels, hostels, etc. I can get you more detailed info on the homestays if you would like. My friend's Tibetan friend is also offering Tibetan cooking classes if that is of interest to you.

If you are staying in Chengdu I have heard that Sim's Cozy Guest house is nice and I know the the owners. There is also a place by the Shamrock that is quite nice and reasonable.

If you want you can also email me direct at .
Hi, Welcome to China!
i think the best for you is to hire a professional guide to travel with you, more easy and also cheaper, because she can negotiate for you about everything.
i cann arrange it all for you, just let me know, my mai:
bye, Arie - Beijing.

I would recommend Good selection of hotel and budget air tickets. Easy to use website.

Bus tickets are booked at the busstations and traintickets at agencies or at the trainstation. But your hotel here can help you with it. No problem at all.

Have a nice trip.
you guys couldonly ride on air or bus from chengdu to jiuzhaigou
Hi! welcome to visit China.
The answer to your question:
1)FromNanning to Kunming by air.
Kunming to Chengdu by air.
Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou bu bus
You can not book all mentioned tickets on the website. you have to buy by yourself or ask a local travel agent help you.
JIuZhaiGou to emei Mt bu bus.
2)On each destination you can find the hostel, and our counter in Sichuan will help to make reservation for you.
Well, depends how much time you plan to visit China any if you time is available, you can go to Kunimng by train cos is cheaper and is the best way to get to know Chinese culture and the way ppl are living. I don't know if you know this website "Couchsurfing" but there are lots of ppl who will help you with you accomandation and travel tips in Nanning and other city in China, maybe you can contact them if you need any help there. actually If I will suggest you to take some time to visit Guilin which is an internetional tourist city near nanning. The landscape is way better than Nanning and totally different with the other attraction that you are going to go in China. Its the typical karst formation with green hills clean water and fantastic caves. I bet you will love this small but famous town called Yangshuo.
Anyway, Good luck with that, enjoy ur stay in China
it is hoped that you can come to shandong if you have enough time and energy , as it is the hometown of Confucius and tsingtao is the saling city of beijing 2008 plympic games.if you come here,pls contact me msn:,

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