Taiwan night market? What's the best one?


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I suggest you the Shih Lin night market~ which located in Shih Lin section~ you can go there by underground~get off in the ChienTan station~
In my opinion, if it's great food you're after, head on out to Keelung (40 minutes by bus, slightly longer by train) and go to Keelung Miaokou. Best seafood, and enough English for you to know what you're eating if you don't read Chinese.
Shilin is definitely the most popular night market in Taipei City, and Keelung for its food (especially if you're a fan of seafood). However, the FengChia night market in Taichung is the best night market, hands down, on the island.
I would say Fengchia(Taichung) ranked the top best night market all over Taiwan, both food & shopping are great o'er there. However, if you're just going to stay around Taipei, maybe Shihlin night market will be a better option for there's easier transport and also quite a variety of choices.
If u are interested in the delicious food in Taiwan night market, I highly recommend you go to Keelung Miaoko night market. It has best snack and seafood in taiwan, and is always crowded in holidays. But if u just wanna experience the atmosphere of night market, I will suggest u visit Shi-Lin night market. It's much convenient for tourists living in Taipei. You will have plenty of choice about food, do shopping at small stores and have fun playing games.Of course it is extremely full of people on the weekend.
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These are my opinions~~~

Keelung:Miaokou Night Market ☞

Taipei:Shilin ☞
Shida ☞
Tunghua ☞

Taichung:Feng Chia Night Market☞

Tainan:Garden Night Market ☞

Kaoshung:Liouhe Night Market ☞
Rei-Fong night market ☞

wish you have fun ;DDDDDDDD
in kaoshiung city, most famiouse night market for visiter will be "Lioho Tourist Night market". its not very longer street but you can see lot of different food. also you can take MRT to there.
this market is around the sea food if you likes it. its very fresh . you order then they cook for you. fresh and dlicious.
another one will be local people market. its more bigger than that on. its call"Rueifong Night Market". you can take MRT as well as.
this market will be more kid of items then you can choose. you can buy everything in this market such as food, drink , clothes, shoes and ect.. also, its each and you get more choose.
hope you likes my answer and enjoy the time in Taiwan.
for more informat about how to go there (you can check with MRT rectpation . we got infromation desk and you can get Egnlsih Map and infornation how to get there. Also, they can speak English so you don't have to worry about if you lost)
I think every night market is the best one . because every one has its own style and chices , I prefer the TaiNan Garden nigth market , because it is larger one than others, and there are mroe choices cuisine you can enjoy eating.
I think every night market is the best one . because every one has its own style and choices , I prefer the TaiNan Garden nigth market , because it is larger one than others, and there are mroe choices cuisine you can enjoy eating.
In northern taiwan,you can try Shih Lin or Keelong nite markets. In central taiwan,you must go to Fong-Yia nite market,there're about 1400 venders of food,drink,clothes,etc.
As for southern taiwan,you may try Liu-Fu nite market.Have fun though!
there r too many fun and delicous food stand u would find out in this cocuntry,
if u go to north part of Taiwan,I would recommand shi lin , Tung hua and keelung nite market(there r still some more small nite markets worthy to visit like south airport nite market,liau ning nite market...)
south part of Taiwan, garden & Da Dung nite market in Tainan,
The best one depending on your preference. I'll explain to you.
1) Hwahsi Tourist Night Market--so called Snake Alley,
Known for a mixed with southern and northern Taiwan's traditional food, gifts and commodities.It also obtained a strong Japanese colonial style in business. Most vendors there could speak a little Japanese. Largely embraced by Japanese tourists. Favorable by local visitors aged between
30-60 education below high school. Although it is close by a magnificent Longshan Temple yet the surrounding sanitation is not preferable.
2) ShiLing night market,
Known for mixed with local and international food, gifts, and commodities. Favorable by local visitors aged between 18-30. Education around collage. With better sanitation and convenient transportation, this is very commendable.

3) Shida Night Market----Side by a normal university. Ranked as medium in terms of sanitary and food varieties. Instead of traditional food; vendors here mostly are selling common local food. Favorable by local visitors aged around 18 -25, students mostly. Does not have many out standing character for tourist. Unless you are a beer lover,
than that's another story. There are few famous international bars near by.
Garden Night Market in Tainan!!!

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