Hi! Please, could you help me, I'm going to china next year to china to have a treatment at good hot water sources, geyzer, which...

...are the best water treatment in China?


Country: China


beijing ,having some please

During my years in China I have never heard about eny geysers. The best bath I have had was in Dali, in tubs made of local marble, steaming hot water. Very nice.

There are also plenty of massage places, foot bath houses everywhere in China. Available in a wide price range from extremely cheap to expensive.

HAve a nice trip.


Maybe not the oldest but I can say it is the first choice in Beijing and best.

Chinese geyser hometown Chongqing city,there's a temple called "Wenquan si"(Hot water temple),starts from AD 423,it lasts more than 1600 years.

......After you come here,the culcutre will tell you!Welcome!
As far as I know, the best water treatment in China mostly located in Guangzhou, for instance, the 678 international club is a pretty good one and the average cost is around 200yuan every 2hrs.
Beijing will be a good choice, there is a well equipped SPA and hot spring recreation center in HiuHua Hot spring. Extremly amazing enviorment and Chinese traditional therapy message clinic.

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