Only Cirrus ATMs can be used in Taiwan?

I'll be in Taiwan next week and someone told me that only Cirrus ATMs are accepted there. Is this true? I don't want to bring too much cash and using my credit cards is a last option. They also told me that there are only a few machines that accept foreign ATMs. Are all of these True? Please help.


Country: Taiwan


An online search shows that up to 100 Plus ATM locations are available also in the capital city Taipei alone.
Hi, a wide range of Taiwan banks accept foreign cards in their ATMs - I use a British-issued Halifax debit card on machines which accept VISA and Mastercard transactions, and have no problem. The banks which accept this are the major ones - HSBC, Cathay, and Bank of Taiwan spring to mind off-hand. there are plenty of banks, even in the smaller cities (Not in smaller towns, though). I cannnot guarantee that it would work for your card, but it works fine for me.
I have never heard about any problems with using foreign credit cards in ATM's in Taiwan. I have used my Visa card several times, and I know many foreigners both teachers and students and they never had any problems, but like previous writer, of course we cannot give any guarantee about your specific card.
i got trouble about " halifax bank "in south Taiwan. they only aceept at one bank which call "Taiwan bank".
its only take 300pound per day which means its not very useful to me. i went to bank double check about which card i can use in Taiwan. after that, i got the answer if you card have those words then you can use it. those words are " Maestro" " cirrus" and " Plus" or bring your visacard or Mastercard then will be fine. anyway, good luck and wish your have a nice trip.
Yes, the ATMs do accept the Cirrus Credit cards...Just remember your PIN no..
It's not true as you could see from other answers.
Not exactly.Not only Cirrus Credit cards are accepted here in Taiwan but also a wide range of Taiwan Banks accept foreign cards in their ATM. The problem is we don't know which one you are using. If you let me know the name of the card you are about to use here in Taiwan than I could tell you in certain.

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