What is Burma like for obtaining a visa extension and for how long, also what are the costs.


Country: Myanmar (Burma)


Burma have had 'Visa on Arrival' for tourists for a while. But, it is temporarily suspended because of the election. Visa on arrival status will resume after election. So, if you want to go to Burma this year, you can apply for visa/visa extension at the Burmese embassy and fly into Burma.

However, I am a little confused about your question. Are you asking about extending Thai visa by going to Burma? or extending Burma's visa?

If you are interested in extending your Thai visa by going to Burma, then there is one way you can do.

You can cross the border from Maesai (Thailand's side) to Tachileik (Burma's side). Maesai is a small Thai city in northern Thailand, in Chiang Rai province and it borders to Burma. There's a bridge connecting Maesai and Tachileik. You can cross the bridge with your passport. The immigration on the bridge will charge you 10 dollars and the Thai immigration will extend your visa when you cross back from Burma into Thailand.

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You can apply visa for in your country or Thainaland before you flight take off.You will get 28 days.You can't make visa extension.In previous time you can get visa extension on the airport before you depart.It will cost about 50 US$ per person.Our policy is always changing.if you want to know more about Myanmar please do not hesitate any other question and it will help you and meet your satisfaction.
The best way to get the visa is to apply it in Myanmar Embrassy in Bangkok or Malaysia. It takes only 1 day.

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