Things to do in Taiwan

I want to visit Taiwan sometime this year. Can you suggest nice places to go to, things to do? Good food? Thank you!


Country: Taiwan


Here is a guide for you to traveling
Night Market is a place you must go where you could taste all different Traditional Taiwan food there.
Bubble tea is another specially drink
You could also visit temples in Taiwan
There are few place you must vist.
1. The natioanl palace museum:
2. Longshan Temple: There are many many temple in Taiwan which is also one of our culture. You could go an visit the famous temple in Taiepi.
3. Beitou hot spring:
4. Shilin night Market: where is alway famous for tourist and local people:
5. Taipei 101 Mall:
6. Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

This is a tour bus: It might be helpful for your traveling in Taiwan:

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