What's the best way for a gaijin to find a place to rent by the month around Hirakata (between Osaka and Kyoto on the Keihan line)?


Country: Japan


Dear Guset,

If you want to rent room for monthly, I recommend to contact with Leo Palace 21 system which is one of largest rent room company in Japan.

This company has many rental room at Hirakata.
I don't know your detail travel planning, however this company may offer you as follow;

Rental fee range: $300-1000 per month
Room space range: 20-50 m2
Also these realestate are 3-18 min on foot from Hirakata station area.

There are so much rooms exist in Hirakata. You don't worry about over booking.

Also this company has toll free dial with operator who can speak English fluently.
I attach URL English site, please try to ask this company directly. If you need more assistance, please let me know.

That's fantastic. Thanks very much.
I found this site that has 1000s of apartments for rent in Kirataka.
Obviously I've already tried google. I find your response condescending. Thanks for nothing.
Hi, Anthony. Hope this answer helps you...
Many places want you to have a guarantor to rent a place. So if you have one (normally a Japanese person). But if you don't have one to find, I recommend you to go to Gaijin Guest House.
You can also find the room share type on Gaijin Pot. Just seach the word, Gaijin Pot.
Good luck!
"Leopalace 21", as everyone else has mentioned, is your best bet. My wife and I live in one and they are great. We live in Hirakata City, not far from the station, and there are plenty in and around that area. Check-out their website - just type in "Leopalace 21" into the search bar, and all the info will be there. Keep in touch with how you get on. All the best.
How long do you wish to stay? I agree with the Localytes above. LeoPalace21 is your easiest option if you wish to stay, say, six months to a couple of years. If it's only for a couple of months, or even if it's just to get your bearings while you look for something more permanent/cheaper, maybe guest house accommodation would be better. Check out

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