Im planning on taking a trip to tokyo sometime in the near future but im not sure when the best time to go is. Im thinking mabey April...

...because I heard its beautiful around that time. Also im a big electronic and anine geek so if theres mabey some convention going on I should try to plan around too. I just want to make sure that since it might be the only time I ever get to go I want to make sure its the time where I can see and do the most things as possible. p.s. I will be going for around 10 to 14 days and I dontt speak japanese


Country: Japan


April is still best cool , summer would be too hot or winter would be
too cold...But Tokyo The city that never sleeps....It is beautiful in any
kind of weather or a given day....So much to see ..and if experience is what
you are looking for.....any season will do....
April is good if you come to Tokyo area. Sakura is blooming from end of March till 1st. week of April.
If you are an Anime fan, you might wish to come earlier to enjoy the "Tokyo International Anime Fair" which will help on 2010/03/27-28.

If you do come to Tokyo, Akihabara (Electric and Anime town) is a must for you.
For 10 to 14 days, I suggest you get the JR Rail pass at your country before coming to Japan. You can use it to visit Kyoto and other historical cities with a reasonable price.

Hope this will help you to make your trip plan.
Dear Guest,

Don't miss Cherry Blossom at Chidoriga-fuchi of Nihon Budokan on middle of March to early April!!! So I recommend you to visit Tokyo prior one week for your travel plan.

I agree with Mr. Wong proposal for electric matter. If you need negotiator to Japanese customer rep., I will ask by your substitution.


I also suggest you to come to Tokyo already by end of March to see the cherry blossoms and you'd also have the chance to visit the Anime fair which Wong san mentioned.
I think Akihabara (Locals call it just "Akiba") will be like paradise for you if you say that you are an electronic and anime freak! Check out the main street there!
You should also go to Nakano area in Tokyo (JR-Nakano Station). You'll find a lot of anime & cosplay stuff there!

If you want to see the "usual" tourist attracktions, visit Kyoto and Osaka!
But if you want to do something "special", go swimming with wild dolphins on the Izu Islands which you can easily reach by overnight ferry from Tokyo! It might become a great experience! Check it out on my profile! (^_~)
It's true that the end of March and the beginning of April are good dates to visit, if you want to see the Sakura. I live in near Ueno, Akihabara and Asakusa -- which I completely recommend to you. Ueno is famous for the oldest Zoo in Japan, then two stops away on the yamanote line and you're in Akihabara. A few stops from there and you can be at the Emperor's Palace or Asakusa, home of Sensouji temple, the oldest temple in Tokyo founded in the Asakusa period ^_^. In Akihabara don't miss the new Yodobashi Camera outside the central exit and the main street is a lot of fun too. Make sure you check ALL the side streets, especially on the EAST side of the main street. Lots of crazy computer stuff and power supplies in cardboard boxes. You'll be amazed. Then, don't miss Mandarake in Akiba, Animate is a must, There's a big building on the Electric Town side of the station that has an outdoor covered bridge going to it. Go in there. They have LOTS of wild anime stuff. You should also visit Odaiba (can't believe nobody mentioned it) to see the life-sized GUNDAM robot in the park and stop by TV Tokyo studios for more ridiculousness. There's lots of food there too. If you're bringing a friend, you may want to try Venus Fort. Incidentally, to go from Asakusa to Odaiba you could ride the Water Bus for about 1200 ($13) yen, I think, from their launch near the Temple. It'll take you right to Odaiba on Tokyo Bay -- be sure to get a picture of rainbow bridge.

Other than that -- Summer is hot and humid and pretty nasty. Even if you're from a hot area, it's still annoying. Winter is gray, rainy and mostly unpleasant. I think the other ideas posted are great too -- as for conventions, etc -- there's not so many happening during that time, I think. Everyone is doing hanami (flower viewing) so it wound't make a lot of sense to have a convention then. There may be -- but I think you'll have a lot to do, and why spend your time in a convention when you can be IN the city and taking it all in. Tokyo in 2 weeks is going to be quick -- make sure you make the most of it.
Hi Thomas!
In Odaiba, I think you mean "Fuji TV studios" and not "TV Tokyo Studios", right?!
But that's really a good idea! Even I still haven't seen the big GUNDAM there! Thanks for reminding me! (^_~)

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