How long does it take Canadians to get their driving licenses?

I heard it takes them up to 2 years, but then I heard if they're over 18 only a year? Is that true? Or how long do they have to wait to get it?


Country: Canada


Obtainig a full driving licence can take upto 2 or more years here. If you are from USA or Japan, you get your licence rightaway. Otherwise, you have to take a written test called 365 which gives you the training licence. Then you have to do the G2 or if you have more than 4 years experience in your country, you can skip G2 and go to full G test. Following link has all the details.

Sanjee, you should be aware that each Province in Canada has it's own laws regarding getting ones Driving Licence. If you read the answers below, you will find the correct answer to the question asked. Your answer is only good for a few provinces, not all of them.
The age people qualify for a drivers' licence varies from province to province, and is soemtimes lower if you live on a farm (teen kids need a license to drive the family tractor across the road to the back 40 acres...) I've heard of people getting their licenses on their qualifying birthdays.

Several provinces (like Ontario) have graduated licenses: start with a learners permit (must have a driver in the car, until you pass your test), some haea graduated license, especially for teens, where they may not drive after dark, zero tolerance for alcohol, texting, and cellphones, and a limit on the number of teen friends in the vehicle. After driving for a year or two, or once you pass another age threshold, you are upgraded to a full licence.

In pretty well all pronvicnes you cannot rent a car unless you are 25 and have a credi card, even if you have a valid drivers license. Because the insurance risk is too high.
In Canada, every province issues its own driving licence.
In BC, you must be 16 years old; if you’re under 19, required parent or legal guardian’s signature.

If you move to B.C. from another Canadian province, or from U.S., Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Japan or South Korea, and have held a licence for two or more years, you may transfer to a B.C. driver’s licence immediately:

If your licence is less than two years old or you are unable to prove that you have been driving for more than two years, you must be placed in the Graduated Licensing Program (GLP).

There are 2-stage in GLP: the learner’s (L) licence, and the novice (N) licence

L licence (red)-
* must be accompanied by a supervisor who is 25 or older and has a valid driver's licence (Class 1,2,3,4, or 5)
* after minimum 12 month (valid for 2 years), you can take first road test (Class 7) to upgrade.

N licence(green) –
* limited to 1 passenger; not apply to immediate family members
* after minimum of 24 months of N stage (valid for 5 years), you may take the Class 5 road test to get full drivers licence.
* It’s possible to reduce to 18 months by taking an ICBC approved driver education course.

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Nice answer Tiffany, you seem to have done your homework before answering this question. Good work.
To get a full-privilege, Class 5 driver's licence, new drivers must go through our Graduated Licensing Program (GLP).

GLP includes a 12-month Learner stage and a 24-month Novice stage. (You may take longer in either stage, or with driver training, get a six-month reduction in the Novice stage.)

While driving with your L or N, certain restrictions apply.

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