Where can I buy a Chinese Buddha Shrine?

You know those little Buddha houses you see in Chinese restaurants with the oranges on the plate in-front of them? Well I have been looking everywhere for one. But there is no website or anyplace that I have found that sells them. I really want one, so if someone could send me a link that would be great :)


Country: China


It depends on how large you want it. If you want a small one, you can get it on the 4th floor of the Pearl Market.
If you want a "real" one, you'll find a gazillion at the "Dirt Market" at PanJiaYuan. The best days to go are Sat. or Sunday

If you visit a temple you can probably find it in the stores in the sourounding streets. There are plenty available.
If you come to Shenzhen,you can find it in gift market in Hua Qiang Bei.
I think some local market they should have.
First to show our respect normally we don't say "buy" but "invite" when we puechase such Buddha house. I suggest you do not buy this in any of the dirt markets but in real temples. One suggestion in Tan Zhe SI Temple which is located in the western suburb of Beijing, 1h drive.
Please try to get Lama temple, a lot of shops have it. Or go to Panjiayuan weekend market, good price there, best time to visit there on Saturday and Sunday, will closed at 5pm.
You can definitely get one in the temple.
you may find them in the shops around any temple. Depends on which sect you are interested in, they have different appears in different sects. Pay attention when you "invite" one back home.

Have a good time in China.

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In Beijing, there is a Dawanglu market which is close to the Dawanglu subway stop on line 1 where you can find one.
Hi, it's not too difficult to buy this kind of frame, i'm not sure where you are now, but if you are at fellowing locations, I may be able to help you.
Beijing: lama temple, there are pretty good buddhist stories along the street of lama temple. in Chengdu, you can go to Wu hou ci area, there is a area where you can buy Tibetan and buddhist things. in Xining: you can buy it in the Tibetan market opposite the main bus station or shui jing xiang Tibetan market. in Tibet, you almost get it anywhere in old town. good luck!

where are u? iam in inner-mongolia and have this
this item is common in chinese family, but the house, the budha, the food and plate are purchase from different market and the put together in the house only. if you are in guangzhou, i may have time to bring you to the market
They can be seen in almost all the Chinese temples.And if you like, you can choose one and take it home.

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