Marriage in Taiwan to a Taiwan National?

My wife and I were married in the States in May 2009. Her mother wants a marriage in Taiwan. I agree to this as I think it is a traditional thing that has to be done. I would like to know what the hold up on setting a date could be. I tried to explain that I have to make arraingments for tickets and rooms for some people. Can you please help me out here?


Country: Taiwan


Well, if you want to set a wedding date in taiwaness way, i would advise you to look up on chinese lunar calendar. And i have to say it's really complicated so im sorry i can't give you any more details(it's hard to describe). Maybe you should ask someone (such as people from china or taiwan) to help you. It'll be more helpful!
Well, first thing first, you need to confirm a date of the marriage ceremony. Most of the time, your wife or her family will look it up from a chinese calendar called "Hua Li". After a date is confirmed then you can move on to book a hotel banquet hall or a "wedding restaurant" that can accommodate friends and relatives here in Taiwan, depends on how many ppl your mother in law wishes to invite.
Don't worry too much since you've already registered in the state,your folks in law just want to have an official ceremony to announce "Hey,my daughter didn't run away!",ha ha! Ok,get to my points! I just went to my friend's wedding who's from south africa and has been living in twn for years.They first went to the household bureau where they live in to register legally.(you may ask your wife to find out the suitable date and time from her parents). Then,call to several restaurants where can arrange buffet(it's much easier and comfortable for especially your family and friends from home). Shop around and get a good bargain which should include enough food/beverage,flowers,mic.even projector for you to play pictures of you 2. My friends even made the pictures into a story about each of them,and how they met,fell in love and decided to tie the knot. So, people can enjoy the slides show while are waiting for other guests(you know taiwanese tend to be late,you can NOTE on your invitation like 12:01pm or 6:59pm,then people would get the hint.)
Since you're foerigner,you may just let your parents in law to choose their favour date for ceremony,and wedding banquet is usually arranged on the weekend,easier for most of guests to come. To impress your guests,especially your parents/relatives in law,I suggest you and your wife prepare a small/decent present for every guest at the wedding banquet.
As for budget,I remember my friend's buffet cost about NT.800/per person,and his mother and sister hand made some table mat with south african animals print. So,maybe you can ask someone to help prepare something with the spirit of your hometown.
Ok,that's all for now,but feel free to ask me any further questions or doubt if you want to,k? All the best! Jenny
I will have exactly tha same situation in April.We got married in Europe. The marriage is already registered in Taiwan, so the wedding 2 is basically just dinner. So...Date depends on how traditional your in-laws are, but usually several dates are ok. If they want a really good and well-known restaurant, then it may be booked for months. You should let them know the estimated number of guests from your side and times that are really suitable or really impossible. It is usually Saturday, the wedding itself takes just a few hours, money from guests are collected and the food is eaten up and that is it. My brain tells me the one who pays decides. Anyway, you should tell them about your family`s preferences clearly and do not be afraid to insist on them, if you want my personal opinion. Good luck for you two!
Congratulations! ^^
First, if you want to have a westen style wedding party, you may ask those hotels when will they available. Then settle down the date which match the time on your schedule and start to arrange other things like how many gustes will you have and food ...etc. It will be easier if one of you is in Taiwan to handle those things.

Second, if your parents in law asist to have a traditional Chinese wedding, maybe they will need to check a Chinese calendar for the wedding day and you still can tell them when will be better for you (ex. June or May but not exactly day) and can ask them to give you some days for select.

No matter which kind of wedding you want the "date" is not the most complex thing. The wedding is!! :)
First of all, I would like to say "Congratulations!!" ^_^

Maybe you can do something as following:

1. Make sure which date your wife and her family prefer.
To list some good days of Lunar Calendar, and think about which day will be all right for your arrangement.

2.Make sure how traditional way they (you) prefer.
It can be like a party to announce your marriage, and it also can be very traditional details. So it is better to know what their idea is, and see how much you can follow or prepare.

3.Make a list of what you guys need to do.
Since you make sure how traditional way for your wedding, and then, your wife and you can list down the things you need to do, and figure out the budget, and start to manage everything.

I think your Taiwanese wife will give you more details.
If you have any further question, please feel free to ask.
Sorry for my poor English, but I will try to give some helps.^_^
In order to be married in Taiwan and added to your spouse's household registry you will need documentation from your home country that you are eligible to marry (not currently married).

This will vary by country. The process is very straight forward for Americans, since the US does not keep a central marriage registry. All that is required is a notarized sworn statement that you are eligible to marry. AIT can notarize this for you. For looking at your passport and stamping a document they charge USD $30, but you get a discount if they notarize a second document at the same time (this includes notarizing a duplicate document, which may or may not be required depending on who you ask). They have a sample Affidavit Regarding Marital Status document on their website. You will need to make an appointment online in order to have the affidavit notarized.

Now take this to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be authenticated.

Once you have your documents in order, you need to bring them to the Taiwanese courthouse where you will apply to be married, and set a date for the courthouse wedding ceremony. You can get official English language translations of the marriage certificate, which is a good idea, as you never know when you will need it, and it is not expensive.

After the wedding, you will need to go to a different office to register with your spouse on the household registry. If you are applying for a JFRV, make sure to get 2 notarized copies.

Applying for a JFRV (Joining Family Resident Visa):

Why apply for a JFRV: With a valid JFRV ARC you are exempt from work permits under the Employment Services Act, Article 48, Paragraph 1. You can also have up to 3 years before renewal is required. Your ARC will now be tied to marriage, not your job, and for most people that will be a more stable and secure situation.
to choose a good day for marrige is important especially in tradition, you have to choose the date according to lunar calendar.
If your parents in law are tranditional taiwan people and live in country side, you might considerate about the date of wedding according to lunar calendar , a lot of tranditional stuffs need to prepare. You could find a wedding planner (wedding scretary we called here) who could arrange those things such as the wedding ceremony, hotel room, banquet room etc. in Taiwan. Discuss with your parents in law to estimate how many guests you would like to invite is important as well. Good luck and congratulation !!!
I have on idea for you. But I agree others advise.
Hi there,

Congratulations, first of all! The delay could be due to a couple of factors - the first most proabably being that your inlaws want an auspicious date for the ceremony in Taiwan - they need to consult a calendar which will tell them the auspicious dates for each month, and then of course tally this with a weekend for the dinner. This does of course mean that restaurants get booked out fairly fast - so you may need to wait until a restaurant you want becomes available...!

Good luck,

Congratulations. The only reason I'm making an attempt to answer this question is because I am currently in similar limbo, but without the marriage in my home country. You will find though, that just about all of the answers you have been given are very helpful. The issue is certainly auspicious and has everything to do with consulting the Chinese Lunar Calendar and even family fortune tellers or soothsayers. So patience coupled with understanding, are a virtue.
My girlfriend and I have been together for nearly three years and for the last year, we have discussed marriage rather seriously. However, because she has had a death in the family, moving house and other recent events, marriage for us this year or anytime early in the next year is simple not an option. So patience.
In the time being, I would suggest giving yourself an option of at least three or more restaurants where you want to host the reception and the same as for accommodation for your relatives coming from abroad. That way a back up plan exists for you.
Hope that helps, goodluck!

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