Family, to move to Japan?

So.. Here are some things on the 'plus' side. 1. We will have enough money. 2. We will know Japanese. Things on the 'bad' side.. 1. We aren't sure if we /all/ need Visas 2. We don't know the requirements to get one. Researching online doesn't help, we have been told to contact a person in Japan and ask? Please, inform me. I know the basic answers, one like, "Well, you need a visa," or, "Your family can't just up and move to Japan." So, help, please?


Country: Japan


i frankly do not see the point of your question.
if you are moving to Japan for business. Then, of course, you need visas for yourself and your family members, and i believe your employer should give you some advice on this. if you are thinking of immigration to this country, then forget it! japan is not of the most generous country to the foreigners who want to immigrate.

in anycase i don't think this is the place for you to consult; i think you should direct your questions to the ministry of justice in japan.
How long are you going to stay in Japan? within 3 months? more than 3 months? How many of you are coming to Japan? What is your nationality? Where do you live?
You and all your family members will need a visa from somewhere, which means that some person, or more likely, organisation, will have to sponsor you. If you were enrolled as a full-time student, you could get a student visa, but that would not extend to your family. If your visa is from an employer, you can in turn sponsor your spouse and children as your dependents. So, it seems to me that the place to start would be to find an employer willing to sponsor you. Once you have a job and a visa, I'm sure your employer will help you to make other necessary arrangements. Until you have a visa that can support your family's life in Japan (even if the money is no issue), there's really not much to talk about. Good luck with the job hunt.
You DO NEED A VISA to live in Japan. There are several types of visa (maybe 10 different ones) that will be specific to your living situation in Japan. Depending on your nationality you will receive a visitor visa(usually limited to 90 days or less) when you arrive unless you procure a special visa before entering the country. You can apply for your visa at the Japanese consulate in your country. Probably it is best to visit the Consulate anyway and find out the exact requirements.
Dear Guest,

Every experts answer for your question as you know.

It doesn't care about your visa problem, just visit to Japan within 3 months.
You know in this case, your country and Japan government make sure of treaty organize short stay traveler without visa.

If you and your family want to stay over 3 month, you have to ask visa problem to Japan embassy in your country, even if your purpose are business and/or sightseeing.

So we could not help your question, reason of your unclear proposals.
Let me know your more detail. Plus you would like to better ask Japan embassy in your country directly.

Good luck.

You will be fine. At first you may stay on a tourist visa but eventually you must apply for a residents visa (within about a year or so) go to your local government office for more visa info.
Hello. If you do not have a job yet and are planning to get a job in Japan, then it will be very difficult to do so... As it is difficult for Japanese people to get a job these days, it will be difficult to just "up and move" to Japan.
Normally, the visa requirment is you need to have 2 years or 4 years college/university degree or special certificates. I do not think it is wise for you to just move your family without a job. If you want to move to Japan and want to get a job, I would research on jobs in Japan and apply for them. Gaijin Pot posts jobs in Japan, but sometimes they want to hire people with visa. Good luck!

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