modes of travel and costs between peking and wahun china and then from wahun to lao?


Country: China


Do you mean Wuhan?
Beijing & Wuhan can be travelled by flight, train or bus.
Beijing-Wuhan (the capital city of Hubei Province)
by train: lots of trains between these 2 cities. Wuhan contains of 3 parts divided by the Yanze River and Han River, which are Hankou, Wuchang and Hanyang. Trains run to Wuchang and Hankou. Hard berth costs CNY280, takes one night.

flight: lots of flights per day. Only one airport in Wuhan (Wuhan Tianhe Airport).
If you mean WUHAN, Here is the cost,
Train - Around CNY 300, depending on which class you take. I suggest you don't take the sleeper due it's a 13 hour trip.
Flight - Full price CNY1080 plus CNY50 airport fee. Normally you might get a discount about 20-40% depending on the time you travel.
I'm afraid there is no direct flight from Wuhan to Lao but you can choose Shanghai as your oringin airport to go there, transit in Bangkok.

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