How do I fond host family in Tokyo, Japan?

My 17 year old daughter wants to go to Tokyo for several months as a babysitter/ housekeeper. How do we get info. on this?


Country: Japan


Dear Sir/Madam,

May I know from which country are you?
Each country will have different body/entities to refer to.

You might wish to refer to this sites to check out more information
i doubt that japanese authority will let you in and have a visa just for babysitting and housekeeping for several months.
but you might want to consider trying this :
its called "working holiday visa". your daughter can apply for this visa to stay in japan for several months and work.
I suggest that you should consult with your embassy. They will be able to give you correct information regarding the information you seek. Correct information is essential and 'hearsay' is not very helpful. If you are serious for your daughter to come Japan I would recommend that you investigate this matter more thoroughly and not refer to a web site that anyone can register into a suggest information that may be misleading. This is a very common factor in Japan; Misleading information. If you are seeking correct legal information I would forgo this sight and refer to qualified individual or party which will acquire suitable advice for your own particular situation.
Dear guest,

Several advisers suggest that your daughter’s contact.

However I would like to tell about baby sitter and/or house keeper in Japan.

First of all, if she could not have Japanese language skills, it is quite difficult to find out Japanese host family, based on baby sitter, I guess. You know it doesn’t care of English speaking family.
Second, does she or you (parents) have fully responsibility for host family?
Especially baby sitter, she must be adult over 20 years old (make an interpretation of Japanese law), plus it is recommend for her to take kindergarten teacher license or nurse. In the case of baby sick and illness, she requires of solve these problems. It is prevent from lawsuit.
Third visa problem, if she wants to work, not sightseeing, she has to get visa from Japanese embassy at your country.

Anyway, my frank advice is bitter pills, but there are several problems, such as reason of Japanese customs, not simple.

Good luck,

Japan is very strict on who may enter and for how long.
If she is going to come over to work, it depends on which country you are a citizen of. For example, many Australians and Canadians come to Japan on a working holiday visa. This is good for 6 months at a time and can be renewed twice. However, there is a limit to the amount of time that you can work per week (about 20 hours). If she is only 17, I recommend she tries to get a student visa. She can then do a home-stay and learn more about Japanese culture.
She may not be able to work as a babysitter or housekeeper per se.
Unlike western countries, babysitting is not very common in Japan.
Housekeepers are a rarity as well, since many Japanese women are say at home mothers and do not require that much assistance.
Here is some information about a student visa:

Good luck!

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