Which places(cities or states) in Japan are the ocean or have a beach?

I was wondering what places has good views of the ocean in Japan. Or places with a nice beach in Japan.


Country: Japan


Well, Japan is a combination of thousands of islands.
Most famous I believe will be Okinawa islands. It is about 3 hours flight from Tokyo.
I lived in Okinawa before. and i was working diving shop. Okinawa beach is BEST in japan..... if u looking for nice beach...u should go to Okinawa....also u should Okinawa island. the name is ISHIGAKI island. u can see and swim with Mant lay.
I just went to Okinawa and Ishigaki is a 12 hr ferry ride from naha city..A closer island is zamami island and its beautiful..Also there is Shirahama (Wakiyama Ken) about 2hrs from Osaka which has a beautiful beach..Other Than that Fukui.... These are the best!
Aaah. There is nothing nicer, than standing on a deck with a glass of wine in your hand, and looking-out over the sea. Then there are those moments, where you remember for a long time, where you are strolling-along a beautiful beach holding your Wife's/Girlfriend's hand. Let me tell you there are plenty of places in Japan where you can do that. In the Kansai area you would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful place than Shirahama, in Wakayama Prefecture. The beach there is awesome, the swimming there even more awesome. The beautiful white sand is especially shipped-in from Australia. Heaps of accommodation.If you want to do some diving/snorkelling, there are plenty of opportunities to do that also. Further down the coast, at the very tip of Wakayama, is this wee island with this awesome accommodation - old caravans converted into motels. The restaurant is even more awesome. If you are looking for a touresty destination, check-out Miyazu, Kyoto Prefecture. Again plenty of accommodation, plenty of beach to walk, plenty of people - it's in the top-3 tourist destinations in Japan.Touch-base with me, and I can give you some accommodation tips and anything else you want to know. Enjoy your holiday.
As Wong san said, there are thousands of islands and many of them have nice beaches!
Okinawa is nice indeed! White sand, beautiful sea and subtropical forests! The same to Amami O-shima
If you want to be closer to Tokyo, you could check out the beaches in Chiba prefecture or Kanagawa prefecture such as Zushi, Enoshima, Kamakura, etc.

Best views of the ocean, surrounded by nature, you will mostly get on smaller islands for example the Izu-Islands which belong administratevely to Tokyo and are easily to reach by ship from Takeshiba Sanbashi Pier in Tokyo.
there are lots of beaches in this country. but the ones that the western people might want to visit are, as the people here have already mentioned, those in Okinawa !! very clear water and mild season throughout the year (except typhoon seasons).
if you want to surf, Shonan beach (kanagawa prefecture, about 1hr west of tokyo by trian) will be your choice. it is the mecca of surfers in japan.

as for the best season to visit, i say june - september; it will be perhaps may to october in okinawa.

My favorite beaches are in Okinawa. Ishigaki Island and Miyako Island are great too. It reminded me of Hawaii a lot. But if you want to see rough waves, Naruto Ohashi is the best. You can see Naruto no Uzumaki (whirlpool). Ishikawa Prefecture also has the rough ocean views. I also like Nanki Shirahama (Wakayama Prefecture) beach. White sandy beach! Surfers go to Enoshima Beach in Kanagawa Prefecture (near Tokyo). The water is not clear but many surfers. It is very interesting to see different beaches in Japan!
Since Japan is a set of islands, you are never very far from the ocean. You should be more specific on where you plan to go.
Dear Guest,

Mostly advisers recommend Okinawa, I think so, too.
However I strongly recommend Kujyuku-ri sand beach of Chiba prefecture, Tokyo metropolitan’s next door. Kujyuku means 99. Ri means miles. So 99 miles long and long white sand beach are there. Don’t miss it this landscape!!!
You can reach to Kujyuku-ri sand beach from Tokyo by car, 1:30 drive.
There are pacific ocean’s clear water, huge wave and beautiful sunset.

If you need more assistance, please let me know.

It's definitely OKINAWA. It's the only one place that is in the subtropical area in Japan. The ocean is absolutely beautiful and I think it could be the top 5 beautiful islands in the world. There're a lot of islands and you can enjoy diving, surfing, beach volleyball or beach party, anything at the beach!!!
If you have any questions, please ask me anything about Okinawa!
Everybody has recommended some great places for you to visit.
It all depends on where you will be based. If you are starting from Tokyo, I would recommend Izu or the Izu islands. My personal favorite is Nijima island. You can get there by a ferry boat.
If you are going to be based farther south, then Kyushu or Okinawa have better beaches.
It also depends on when you will be coming to Japan. Generally, though, Okinawa is where you will have the best chance to have nice weather.

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