1) anyone can give me more information about taiwan farm stay?

2) Heard about Flying Cow Ranch? Plan to stay 1 nite but wanted to know is there any night activities at the Ranch?


Country: Taiwan


I would say that the most valuable nite activity you can have in a ranch is to enjoy the nature. If you expect something else (ex: clubing....), I guess you will be disappointed.
Sorry but unless u really local and wanna drink with the locals, generally no action in the evening.....
Most of night activities in the city eg. Taipei, Taichung etc. unless you would like to visit "firefly" but it is not right reason now. Enjoy the your stay in Ranch.
Usually if you travel with a group, the host may arrange BBQ for you upon you request.
1. If you want to know more about the Farm Stay, you may check this site for briefly information: , and then contact the farm owners with the information this sites provides for more details.

2. Basically, the night activities are only available in a town or city. Since you choose to stay in a farm which are mostly in a countryside, I think it really hard to have night activities in the neighborhood. However, i would like to suggest you to contact the farm owner for information. Anyway, no one can be more aware of the local news than the local residents.
The ranch does'nt offer night activity but I don't thing you might feel bored staying there. Please refere to their website (only Chinese version)
1) It'd help a lot if you are more specific about WHERE to have the farm stay. I mean, there're a number of them in Taiwan.

2) For booking, try this:
And as for night activities, not really. I think the main point is to go there and enjoy the naturing. Singing, dancing, performances and/or clubbing won't be the features there.
Some potential night activities at the ranch are: fireworks, bonfire, BBQ, star watching. Pls call the ranch of your interest to check if these activities are available.

Wuling Farm () has music concert (8:30~9:30) and start watching (9:30~10:30) program.

Chiayi Farm has aboriginal performances and outdoor movie at night. But I heard they were closed due to typhoon damage. Not sure when is the reopening schedule.

Albe Farm () has evening observation excursion at 6:40~8:20

Uni-Resort () is a resort operating farm. They have evening programs hosted by their employees, similar to GI of ClubMed.

Hope you'll find a place that you enjoy~
yes, they have some activities at nite, but guess what it is, it is DIY, making ice cream your own, and having some games/activities together at the same time. it starts at 8 pm, finishes at 9 pm.
stay there overnite is a good idea cuz you will be able to feed the baby cows, rabits, sheep, goats, and even horses during the day time; plus a few more DIY as well--baking cake, making ur own butter, etc.
once u check in, ask them the schedule, don't miss it.
2) the farm is located in Miaoli. And if you want to have an activity in the evening, the host will help you arrange. especially, you are a group. they will provide the equipment for you if you tell the ranch ahead.

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