is there an exotic pet store in taiwan? because i want to buy a tarantula!


Country: Taiwan


Yes, we do have pet stores who sell tarantulas, but I am not sure you could take it back to your country via flight.
oh cool!! do you happen to know where can i find one?
Yes. But I think you have a better luck find something like that in a bigger city:)
im in taipei, hope i can find one here... thanks a lot =)
yes, we do have! I think you can go to Shilin Nightmarket, cuz there have some pet store, but I'm not sure is that what you need or not. Hope it's can help you.
I don't think you'll be able to find that in Taiwan, and even if you could, it's highly unlikely that you'll get it out of the country...
its ok though, im planning to stay here for a while =)
I agree with them.

Another question is that even you find it somewhere in Taiwan, I guess it's imported.
i guess most tarantulas are imported, so i think its ok! thanks
You can call / visit the following places to see if they have it. They are exotic pet stores specialize in reptile... is tarantulas a reptile?
* (02)2793-8000 - Taipei Neihu District, Cheng-Gong Rd, Setion 4, Lane 61, Alley 25, No 1
* (02)2906-8778 Mobile : 0922-747379 - Taipei County, Xin-Zhuang City, Zhong-Zheng Rd, No 853~6
* (02)2336-8907 Mobile : 0918-012158 - Taipei Wan-Hua District, Ho-Ping W. Rd., Section 3, No 14
*(02)8811-1070 mobile 0913-483720 - Taipei Shi-Lin District, Lane 655, No 1, 1F

Good luck~
oh no dear, tarantulas are arachnids. but thanks for the info, it really helps, appreciate it.. thank you!
yes, you can! but just like some of people replied, you better to find it in downtown.
Hi there,

Yes, you can certainly buy one - insects of various forms are very popular in Taiwan as pets - the island is home ot 25% of the world's species of insects, and you will certainly be able to find a tarantula, esp. if you ask around a bit. Simply ask for the nearest pet shop in TPE, and then take it from there!

Happy tanratula-hunting,

i think i found a store who sells them, thank you guys!!

You don't neccessarily need to go to an exotic pet store to find such an animal in Taiwan. Taiwan has a tropical climate favourable to a variety of species bearing exotic tags. However, this issue may be a legal one having environmental and conservation related implications ie. rare and endangered species.
In Kaohsiung City I know of a large locally owned and popular pet store on Boai 2nd or 3rd. Rd. in TzoYing District, not far from the big new Arena. It has been there a while and they sell a variety of pets (fish to dogs) including one mentioned in your question and other exotic type species.
By the way, I did once see a grayish coloured spider about as big as my hand, fully hairy like a tarantula and faster than a speeding bullet outside my door one night! Scary!!
Is it an amphibious animal?

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