where can I find Ikizukuri in Taiwan?


Country: Taiwan


What is Ikizukuri?
I have not heard of lkizukuri w/fish in Taiwan, but there are a few different Japanese restaurants offer lkizukuri w/lobsters.
Below is a list of a few places that offers lobster lkizukuri
* ibuki Japanese Restaurant at the Far Eastern Hotel in Taipei - (02)27363241
* Mitsui Japanese Restaurant in Taipei - ; 02-25943394
* Happy Family Restaurant -
* Many eateries in Peng-Hu Island... if you ever get a chance to make it out that way...

Hope you find some place to satisfy your craving ~
There are, I understand, some establishments which cater to this form of food, but I have no idea where, and it is most certainly not popular in Taiwan because of its perceived cruelty.
I have never heard of that before. Sorry I couldn't have been of more help.
You can find some lkizukuri with lobster at lots local seafood restaurant, but for fish. It's not common here.

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