Hi, Pls, write me how can I go to Tianjin Binhai International Airport from Beijing Railway station. I'll arrive to railway station... 05-30 am. And I have flight from Binhai airport at 09-10 am. it is desirable that my trip to Tianjin takes about 1,5-2 hours. Thanks, Evgeny


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There's a airport bus service at the square behind the railway station. Service hour is 6am-7.30pm. Buses will be arrived at the stop every half-hour or an hour. The bus fee is about 10 rmb.

However, I would suggest you to take a cab if you're in hurry to get to the airport. Taxi fee is about 50rmb.
You can catch a bullet train from Beijing Railway station to Tianjin and then a bus or train to the airport. The time should be enough even if it is tight.

I doubt you'll make it. Better re-schedule your flight now. The fast train to Tianjin leaves from the South of Beijing. It will take close to an hour to get there from the airport. Then I think it's a 30 minute train ride to Tianjin but the Tianjin airport is way outside the city as well. Probably figure close to an hour from the Tianjin train station to the aiurport. Plus they want you to check in 1-1.5 hours ahead of the flight time.
There are bullet trains between Beijing and Tianjin. One shift (C2001) departs at 6:35 and would arrive in Tianjin at 7:05. Then you could take taxi to the airport.

Or you may take the Shttle Bus between Beijing City and Binhai Int'l Airport. Departure time 7:30、9:30、10:30、12:30、16:30 from Beijing Bawanfen Long Distance Bus Station (east of Dabeiyao), takes less than 1 hour to get to Binhai Int'l Airport directly.

it's easyly .you just need ask the worker of the railwaystation!
First you can choose the fast train from south station of Beijing,30 minutes can be reach to Tianjian railway station,then by taxi to Binhai airport.almost need 2 and half hours.because you have to driving through two downtowns.
Second you can choose my private car service , Conservative to say that from Beijing railway staion in the eraly morning to Tianjing Binhai airport need 2 and half hour , But it would be more insurance.
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The best way is to have a taxi service.
We can help with it.
The airport pick up service is 700RMB.
It takes about 1 hour 40mins to get there.
The price is included the driver,fuel,insurance.
Toll fees and parking fees are paid by the renter.
Any help,pls feel free to let me know!

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