Where is the best place to see people working in rice fields near Tokyo in April?

I'll be in Tokyo next april and would like to get a few pictures of rice fields and people at work in them. Any ideas of anywhere nearby?


Country: Japan


Ebina is the best place.
I live in Tochigi prefecture and it is quite country. I am surrounded by rice fields. The main question is if the rice will still be in the fields when you arrive. Here is a wonderful little hostel In the mountainous countryside and the owner will show you around the area. He is also located close to Nikko.
I live in downtown Tokyo and I'm not too interested in rice farming. Sorry I can't help you.
First of all. I might have to disappoint you that you wont get any "rice fields" during April.
The period of rice making start from April to September. Means you will get empty field with just water/mud in it during that period.
The best time for rice field photo is during September, just before the harvest.

The nearest place I know which open to public for rice making experince is Sayama-park, about 2 hrs. travel time from Shinjuku station.

I´m not sure you will be coming to Osaka, but just in case you should be interested I send you my link about offering accommodation here:

Thanks for reading
Dear Guest,

Your request has two problems.
First of all, which place do you want to see rice field?
Second is plantation or harvest season?

I strongly recommend Niigata prefecture, because there are major rice product area in Japan.
However there are a little bit far from Tokyo. You have to board on Shinkansen Bullet train almost 2 hours from Tokyo. Quite so far, but you can see what is real thing.
So next candidate place is Atsugi city Kanagawa prefecture, Tokyo next door.
You can visit there by train almost one hour.

Rice plants in spring, and harvests in fall.
So I imagine you can see brown rice field on April.
If you want to see harvest season of brown beautiful rice field, you try to visit fall season from September to October.
Usually in the major rice districts, farmers plant rice in the end of April to June.
So your visiting timing is bit earlier to rice plantation. I recommend you to visit rice field one month later. You can enjoy the experience of rice plantation in the field.
You can see rice plantation on this URL.

Good luck, if you need more assistance, please let me know. I try to find out more detail.


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