Is it possible to bring a live tarantula into Taiwan? He's my pet.


Country: Taiwan


Well, Cathy...I don't thing so, as I know...though if you know anything in Mandarin? I think you can check it out on the Immigration of Taiwan.

Emilio Chan
I guess they don't have a live tarantula coming over every day, so maybe better to check with the right authority, I think this is for the bureau of animal and plant inspection and quarantine, their email is:
good luck
According to the law in Taiwan, You can only bring dogs, cats and rabbits.
I think you can find the answer on this site, good luck :)
Don't bring your spider,except if you have no choice.
As it's an unusual animal, you will have a lot of paperworks and besides, it's considered as wild animal
You will surely need the origin papers (I don't know if you have some), have to be sure that the country of origin is not listed as forbidden country,and to be sure that this specie is not considered as "protected".
You will also have to face transportation issues,it's not like carrying a guitar or a computer, they say:
The wildlife animals shall be transported with clean containers and vehicles
disinfected with disinfectant approved by the exporting country. No feed, fodder,
bedding or other animals shall be supplementary loaded during the transportation.
So you have to be sure it will be able to starve during all the transportation (and maybe a part of quarantine)
Hi Cathy. I wouldn't advise even trying. It's probably possible, but the mountains of paperwork before you could do it, is daunting. However, I perceive a joke here. ;P)
Welcome to Taiwan!
I think you can go to check immigration of Taiwan and check it on this website:
However, I hope you can find the answer and have a good trip in Taiwan.
No it is illegal to bring exotic pets into the country. Dogs and Cats are generally allowed after quarantine, but Spiders would fall under exotic pets I believe.
You better not to do that . It requires lost of work to apply.

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