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Hello there,Im in Japan from 12-27MAR. What is this sushi tour about, which city it is, how does it cost? It seems funny. Waiting for the answer. rgsd


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I sent a longer message to the yahoo acount, but this is for the public consumption!

Hello Aja,

I really don't know what to say, because I don't have any listing for a sushi tour.

What I do have is a hike tour in Kunisaki, it is simple, inexpensive and frankly there is a lot of sushi served at the places we stay, but there is a rounded selection of many Japanese foods, not only RDF. (Raw Dead Fish!)

I have no idea if you are interested, but I have a walking tour scheduled for March 15 to 19 (five days and nights, just about the right length to do something like this!
Not so long you have to, like die of exhaustion, and still long enough that it is an epic part of the vacation.

It happens on Kunisaki, on the north side of Kyushu island. It includes all expenses except your alcohol and gifts and costs $1100 USD and I can negotiate some.

Hello, Aja.

I don't hear about Sushi tour but SAIKI-city in South of Oita prefecture is famous for many Sushi restaurant.

Sushi set is usually cost from 600yen to 10,000yen.
Depends on the grade.
I love wine, too:>
I also recommend "KARATO ICHIBA" in Yamaguchi. Every Friday to Sunday, they have Sushi market. You can find fresh and good quality Sushi.

Karato Ichiba
Shimonoseki-city, Yamaguchi
Open:Fri, Sat 10am-4pm.
Sun, Holiday 7am to 5pm.

You should go to early in the morning! It is very exciting market!

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