Hi, My wife and I intend to spend 4 or 5 days in Niseko, Hokkaido. So, what part of Niseko is best for skiing ? And any good not too...

...expensive accommodation rooms around Thanks


Country: Japan


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This URL indicates Niseko official English site.

I prefer Niseko Hirafu ski resort. There are several reasonable small hotels. Plus fresh vegetables accommodation you can get. These vegetables are made by each hotels!!!

I also like Niseko Higashiyama ski resort, too.

Prince hotel group provides you that all include ski planning. (stay fee, all u can eat dinner & BF, ski lift fee)

Please check it out these URL's.

If you need more assisatance, please let me know.

Depends what you call expensive. Rakuten - - has numerous great have to decide whether you want breakfast or both meals provided or none. Eating out is fun, but can add up!
This site covers everything about Niseko and has some cools ski packages. Niseko is so small you could get round all the best slopes in the time you will be there.
Have fun - Niseko is fun, exciting, and international with snow to take your breath away.
I went and am going again to Niseko and love the powder at Hirafu The Prince hotel group is great so stay there and enjoy the best of the area.
Niseko Higashiyama (often referred to as Niseko Village)

is another great option. I prefer the Hilton hotel there over the Green Leaf hotel.
Its much nicer and better service. It may cost a bit more (depending on dates and room size) but it is worth it.

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