hi, I have 5 full days in Taiwan, where would you recommend for me to go? Thank you.


Country: Taiwan


Hi there,

Well, spend a few days in Taipei first - see the National Palace Museum (probably the world's greatest collection of Chinese art - a pity only a portion of it is on display at any one time), and Taipei 101, and the night markets.

Then head out - maybe take a train trip around the island? There is the Taroko Express (i think that is what the name is), a train which goes aorund the island, taking in the fabulous east coast - sheer cliffs which just slide into the Pacific. See the Taroko Gorge, and maybe round your trip off with a day at the beach in Kenting?

Just a few thoughts - i am sure you will get many more ideas from other contributors.

All the best, and enjoy your trip!

hi Lee

not sure when you been here and what is you want to see?
if you have 5 full day in Taiwan, I will recommend you to choice 3 city of 1.Kaohsiung , 2.Tainan (South Taiwan), 3.Lukang (Central Taiwan) (culture of Taiwan), 4.Hualien (East Taiwan), 5.Taipei (North Taiwan)

please tell me what is you want to see, then I could recommend you more.
you also could find information below:

have a nice day

5 full days sounds not too long, but if was you ill spend 3 days in taipei city and 2 days in taroko gorge(taroko nat'l park). i wont recommend you to run over the island. you are coming here for vacation, so...take your time and enjoy the best urban and nature scenes of taiwan.
If I were you, I would stay in Taipei for a night and day then take a trip to Hualien. For a five day trip it's worth it and really beautiful there. Then just go back to Taipei for some sightseeing / shopping before leaving. It's easy to get to Hualien from Taipei. Just go to the railway station and get on a bus. There's a beautiful gorge there and lots to see and do! :)
Northern Taiwan: National Palace Museum, Shihlin night Market, Taipei 101 and nearby area, if you come in winter time, you may also have hot spring in Beitou Disc. (it probably takes 1.5 days - 2 days)
Cetral Taiwan: Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area
Easten Taiwan: Tarako National Park
Southern Taiwan: Kenting National Park( summer time)
wish you have great time in TAiwan.
Dear Song-Hua, welcome.
First I`d like to know: When are you coming? Are you more into city life experience? Nature, hiking..? Religious sights? Do you wanna make daytrips from Taipei?
Anyway, we think you might like: 1. Longshan Temple at around 6pm, great atmosphere. 2. Palace Museum if you are into art history (it is really fantastic, as some others suggested) 3. Tainan 4. any mountainous area for hiking 5. Jiufen, Danshui can make super 1/2 day trips from Taipei. We are loceted in Taipei, let us know if you need more. cara.kubalik (at)
1. Green Island - one of the few seaside hotspring in the world, and you can enjoy the hotspring while watching sun rise.
2. National Palace Museum - as commented by others, one of the world's greatest collection of Chinese arts
3. Guan-Hua Electronics Market in Taipei city - see and buy inexpensive electronics gadgets to your heart's content
4. Hot springs - there are many locations depending on your itinerary; hot spring is one of the must do in Taiwan when the weather is cold like now
5. Tainan city - contains the most historical sites of Taiwan's history
DAY1 桃園機場接機-桃園-可自行前往站前商圈

采宴飯店 ※ ※ ※ 4★
DAY2 桃園-苗栗-南投-台中

金樺飯店 ○ ○ ※ 4★
DAY3 台中-桃園

金鵝渡假村 ○ ※ ○ 5★
DAY4 桃園-台北

唯客樂飯店 ○ ○ ※ 4★
DAY5 台北-送機前往桃園機場 溫暖的家 ○ ※ ※

* 特別風味餐:原住民風味餐、台灣特色料理、渡假村內SOLEADA星光套餐
Please see this interesting video on youtube, it may help.
Produced by Taiwanese University Students studying abroad.

I think your question needs to be more focused! WHEN are those 5 days? in wintre or summer??? If wintertime, head south to Kenting for 2 days of sun, then back to Taipei and enjoy the hot springs of Yangmingshan.
If in summer, then you can head to the east coast, Hualien, to enjoy the sea and scenery.
Have fun!

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