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you mean as to make business or for yourself??
you can find a huge variety of items in china,...many of which are unique to China, There is something for everyone,
If for personal needs you will find just about everything everywhere but for supply of a business in your place can I suggest that you use the internet and google china supply as the government standards are good for export and look for past traders, if you supply a topic, i will give some suggestions
this depend on which province of China too.
you are traveling or looking for something else?
Everything is made in China:)
The Specialities are Silk,Fresh water pearls,Jade,Chinese tea,handicrafts,konck-off things(sometimes) etc...
The real big brand names(like real LV,CD) are will be more expensive in China through.
It is difficult to say,that depends where you go and the thing to buy

is for yourself or business...If you go to Jiangxi Pro.,Jingdezhen

chinaware is the cream of domestic goods.
Hangzhou and Suzhou,silk products hand-fun Umbrella etc. will be

Shenzhen and Guangzhou,Electronic products.
Xi'an,terra-cotta warrior fabrications
The great things are always free,the happy of journey, photos,different

delicious strange weird ....local foods...
of all,the most important thing is their idea about life...
Hope you can enjoy your journey~
How about what not to look for?

Avoid "students" having an "art show" for their school trip.
Get a reputable guide that speaks really decent English.

Depending on where you go, there are different specialities for a particular region.

There is a town down south that specializes in making art in, the entire town is basically employed copying classical paintings...weird, eh?

Anyway, if you come to Beijing, do stop at the Pearl Street market for great buys on replica fashion clothing and upstairs you can get bargains on jade and pearls and silk!

have fun!
Almost everything they will TRY to sell you is fake, or bad quality. Since you are a tourist they will try to push a high price on you, so all you need to know is if they tell you 500rmb, it's probably really 40rmb. Anything jade will be overpriced so don't bother buying it unless you have a Chinese person with you. Other than that, if you want good clothing for cheap (usually fakes but still good quality), Beijing/Guangzhou/Shenzhen are you best places for clothing (try the Dongmen Market in Shenzhen for overstock clothing and insanely low prices.. and these are usually real).
too many,depend on what U like ,U may try something folk-customs characteristics
Yeah, like the others said, you can buy pretty much anything in China. If you're looking for gifts, you can't go wrong with silk "Chinese-style" shirts or tea pots/tea accessories. I'd avoid jade as most of it appears to be fake. If you're buying for yourself, you can buy knock-off clothing and/or electronics. If you can get a friend or a local to help you, that would be best, since they will rip you off a lot.
i am the man who doing internatinal business for 2years!
here is my email,any time,pls contact me!


You need to be more specific. If you are a tourist, then buy whaevert catches your eye and will be a pleasant reminder of your trip. A good method is to approach different sellers of the same item and bargan with the one who offeres you the lowest opening price. Never accept the first price a seller tells you as it is usually 2-4 times higher than what he/she will ultimately accept. Finally, walk away and if they are serious thay will run after you and offer you one more lower price. Have fun!
Hi, China is the production center of the world. There are many things you can buy and usually cheaper than your country. Silk items including silk fabric, quilt, pyjamas, and scarf; fresh water pearl; Jade; painting; porcelain; cloisonne and all kinds of tea are all good souveniers to choose from.
if u need any help in guagzhou feel free to contact
Silk and tea !
well it depends on what your looking for, if you want souveneirs you can fidn plenty of them. if your asking about it for a business, theres also alot made in china. for example fuzhou is well known for its shoe production. The area where I live has a Volkswagen factory. Whats your speciality or interest?
it really depends on the purpose of what you want to buy. if it is just like souvenirs items,you can buy many stuffs(artifacts,tea,etc..) at specialized markets but if it is for business purpose,it is different,you should tell us first what you want to buy exactly and we will tell you where and how you can buy.but know something,you can anything you want in China...
tea,silk,traditional cloths,2008 olympic sounvoiurs
food~!!your best choice!
If you are coming to Hangzhou,E-mail me at . and i wwll give you more informations.
I wonder which place are you travelling?Maybe silk products,and local foods but never buy china for some tiny things
You can buy everything in China, I believe that that will be everybody whos been in Chinas answer. But do remember to bargin for the price and pick a price that you feel is ok for the item you buy. Do not be shy, if they ask for 500 it is ok to offer them 10. And then maybe pay 100 in the end.
smoething really special, like a sort of sandy painting in Hunan province, bamboo shelled tea pot in Chongqing city, lamb skin painting in Yunnan province, or reproduction of a sort of anceint Chinese instrument in Hubei province. There are too many of'em for Chinese culture is so colorful.
you can get everything you want!
led-disco-sheesha - done
pc keyboard vacuum - done
any fake designer item - done

Get tea- its good, never go to tea shops in tourist places. Get some chrysantemium tea(or any other flower), some green tea, some pu-er tea and maybe some that looks really wired (like ginseng tea)

oh and get some smokes on duty free.
That depends what you are intersted in or what kinds of goods do you prefer.
Personally, I would recommend brush pen and seal or stamp which are tradional and symbolic in Chinese history
Hi, what are you looking for? gifts, clothes, electronica?
please note that there is a lot of checking at customs when you return home on fake clothes, watches etc. electronica might be cheap, but famous brands will be more expansive if they are real.
if you need help? just tell me!
Buy the stuff that you don't have in your country.haha!
Qipao, the tailor-made traditional Chinese costume for ladies.
silk maybe? some paintings, traditional cloth may be amusing in parties
besides silk products, tea , the antique furnitures is recommended too ! or wooden fans as gifts to friends, stamps for collection ... chinese painting for house decoration ... whatever you like and affordable , hehe
There are many good answers up above. But of course, it all depends on what you're looking for.

Traditional/specialty Chinese products:
Tea (Green, oolong, pu'er)
Qipao (Chinese style dress)
Freshwater Pearls
Name chop
Calligraphy Set
Chinese design furniture

Manufactured items:
Fake handbags, clothes, shoes
Electronics (both real and fake)
Fake DVDs

Scarves (silk, wool, viscose)
Terracotta figurines
Great Wall/Olympic t-shirt

Clothes, shoes
Get your favorite clothes copied
Wedding dress in 1 day for a fraction of the price of off the rack back home
Have items copied out of a magazine

Generally speaking, I don't recommend buying art in China unless you find a piece you really like, because most of it is very commercialized, overpriced, and likely a copy.

2 Rules of thumb: everything (namely price) is negotiable--do not hesitate to bargain. Nothing should cost more than 100RMB (except furniture and tailor-made dresses)
This is my specialty, so let me know if you need help in Shanghai or Beijing:
As souvenir or what? Cloisonne can be one of your considerations.
Why not some chinese traditional clothes? Might be great when join a party once back your country. Also, please try as much as delicious food here, it could bring your a good memery too. Good luck!
Chinese tea, clothes (just come with an empty suitcase and fill it up here), shoes (if your size is not too big). Custom made suits and dresses are really cheap as well.

Electronics are not so cheap so better buy them at home where you also have the warranty advantage.
Buy bizzare food.
If you want to find something cheap, buy DVDs.
Something Fun, buy chinese traditional muscical instruments.
something cool, buy Tangzhuang..
Traveller's souveniors like:Jade carving,cloisonne,paper cuts,fresh water pearl,and silk.
In Beijing,you can find all of them mentioned above inthe following markets:
1)4/F Yashow Market
2)4/F Silk Alley
3)3/F Pearl Market
Do remember,bargain prices with the tough peddlers.
It depends on which part of China are you in. You can buy silk in or around Suzhou, tea of different taste in different part of China.Panda dolls in Sichuan province.And some distinctive handicraft of the minority people.
depends on which part of china you are in. different parts have different cultures & local specicalities. Usually, local delicate handcrafts are very popular as presents and convenient to carry around.
in beijing ,you can buy some pearl ,in shanghai :clothes

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