I'm a foreigner and need to get a driving licence in Taiwan. Can I get one?

I need to drive a car or motorcycle. How can I get one? How? Where? How much I'm gonna pay for it? How long will it take to get one and for how long can I use it? Thanks!


Country: Taiwan


Best thing is you have International Drivers Permits and your home licences to begin with. When you have alien resident registration, you can either apply for a local driver's licence for the type and class of vehicle you will use at your local Jien Li office with your IDP and home licence, or you can take tests locally and get your licences.
Come with you International Driver Lience then exchange the local driver license at Vehicle Supervision Station!
if u like to learn how to drive in Taiwan it may cost 10,000NTD and take about 1 month to go through. once u got the driver license it for life long(renew per about 3 years) except u cross the rules very seriously....then they will cancel ur licence!
The one important I recommend is that try to take public transportation in Taiwan you may look more!
please refer to this website:
Well, first of all, where are you from?
If your Taiwan recognize driving licences from your country (be careful for USA it seems not all the states have the same relation with TW regarding licences), then you simply change it for a local one. I was talking about car licence, then you can drive a car and any motorcycle or scooter under or equal to 50cc. For the other ones, you have to pass the driving test (theory test not required).
If your coutry doesn't have any agreement with TW (aboutlicence) then you have to do like any Taiwanese and pass the test ( or drive without)
I agree with all of the above. International Drivers' Licences can be obtained in your country from AAA in the USA, or AA in South Africa (and I believe UK, NZ and Australia). These are valid to drive with for anything from 90 days to a year, depending on your home country. Licences are easy and cheap to get in Taiwan. (Around NTD500 - +/- US$16)
A good site for information about Taiwan (in English), is .
I hope your stay in Taiwan is pleasant!
I got my taiwanese license by leveraging on having a new zealand license, i didnt need to sit another test or anything, check out the rules they might have changed. As far as I know you'll need to have your home license certified by a local (in your country) Taiwanese office of some sort.
[This is an excerpt from my book, "Living, Learning & Teaching in Taipei." For more information, go to )

To legally drive in Taiwan, you must either obtain an International Driving Permit (further, IDP) or an R.O.C. driver license. Which you can use depends on how long you have been in the country and whether or not you have a driver license in your home country.

International Driving Permit

You must apply for an IDP in your home country before coming to Taiwan. Many people mistakenly call this document an International Driving License, but it is important to remember that the IDP is simply an internationally recognized endorsement to accompany your home country driving license.

An IDP is only good for your first year living in a particular foreign country. If you have lived abroad for longer than a year and then go back to your home country on vacation, you cannot then obtain an IDP.

U.S. citizens can obtain an IDP from the American Automobile Association (AAA) or the National Automobile Club (NAC). Americans should NOT go through any other organization; it is likely a scam.

You can drive any “normal” vehicle (sorry, no “big rigs”) for your first 30 days in Taiwan. By “first” I mean the first 30 days of whichever visa you came in on. If for example, you have a 60-day tourist visa, then leave Taiwan, and come back in on a new 60-day tourist visa, your thirty-day period starts over (up to a total of one year in-country.) Starting day 31 of any in-country period, however, you are required to have an endorsement for your IDP. This requires going down to the nearest MVO and submitting an “International Driving License Visa” form (GuóJì JiàZhào ShēnQǐng BiǎoGé 國際駕照申請表格).

R.O.C. Driver license

If you have been in Taiwan for longer than a year, you need to obtain an R.O.C. license to legally drive in Taiwan. Many foreigners forgo the hassle of obtaining a driver license, assuming that they can get off by playing the “dumb foreigner card” if pulled over. This may work, but why risk it? Getting a license here isn’t that hard if you already have driving experience back home and were smart enough to buy this book. Here’s what you need to do:

Go to the Taipei Motor Vehicles Office, North Branch

No.80, Sec. 5, ChéngDé Rd., Taipei

Getting There: To get to the north branch of the Taipei MVO (TáiBěiShì JiānLǐ Chù BěiQū FēnChù 臺北市監理處北區分處) take bus 620 from Shilin MRT Station, exit 1 (JiéYùn ShìLín Zhàn 捷運士林站). Get off at the MVO North Branch stop.


Motorcycle Driving Test:
M – F: 9 to 11:40 am, 1:30 to 4:20 pm

Car Driving Test:
M: 1:30 – 4:20 pm, T-F: 9 – 11:40 am & 1:30 – 4:20 pm

Web (for updated information or to take an online practice exam):

If you already have a driver license in your home country:

1. Take a physical exam & eye test

2. Register (this includes submitting a copy of your home country driver license)

3. Take the written test

4. Take the driving test

If you do NOT have a driver license in your home country:

1. Take a physical exam

2. Take an eye test

3. Obtain a learner’s permit

4. Go to driving school or learn on your own

5. Register

6. Take the written test

7. Take the driving test

If you are getting a license to operate a motorcycle or scooter (you don’t need to submit a home country license):

1. Take a physical exam

2. Take an eye test

3. Register

4. Take the written test

5. Take the driving test
Driving License Requirements for Foreigners in Shanghai

We have obtained the official document from the Shanghai Vehicle Management Bureau that gives all information required for having a Chinese Driving Licence. The official document is in Chinese so although we have translated it, we would always advise that you contact the Shanghai Vehicle Management Bureau using the details listed below should you need exact information relating to your own individual circumstances - we are told that the rules can differ dependent on Countries of Origin.

Welcome people holding foreign (or Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan) driving licences to apply for changing your driving licence to Chinese ones. Please handle the following procedures. Thank you for your cooperation.

A) The Materials Needed For Applying for Driving Licence.
a. People who hold foreign passport should supply the passport, the script and the copy of Shanghai Resident Permit for foreigners. (You are allowed to apply for Driving Licence if your resident permit is over one year. You are only allowed to apply for temporary Driving Licence if your resident permit is over three months but below one year.)

b. People from Hong Kong and Macao should supply the "Huixiang" document, the script and the copy of the temporary resident permit issued by Shanghai government. People from Taiwan who have temporary resident permit should supply the script and the copy of passport or travel document for coming to Mainland China.

c. If there is no Chinese version in your foreign , Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan , and international driving licence, you are supposed to go to authorized "Shanghai Foreign Language University Translation Company" or "Shanghai Foreign Affairs Translator association" to translate the driving licence to Chinese.

B). The Procedures.
a. Go to take digital pictures with your relevant document. ( on the ground floor of building 6)
b. Fill the Driving Licence Application Form with fountain pen.
c. Take the Driving Adapt Test or supply the medical check qualification issued by the hospital over county level.
d. Take the test about communication regulation and relevant knowledge.
e. If your driving experience is more than three years, the test driving on road is unnecessary. If Belgium Government issued your driving licence; test is also unnecessary for changing your driving license to type C.D.E.
f. After finishing preparing for all the documents needed, pay 20 RMB for the commission fee and wait for one week to get your Chinese Driving licence.

a. The address of Shanghai Foreign Language University Translation Company: 183 Tiyuhui Road West. Address of Shanghai Foreign Affairs Translator Association: 1st floor, Building 2, 13 Kunshan Road Address of Shanghai PSB Immigration Department: 333 Wusong Road
b. Business Time: Monday. Wednesday.
c. The Time of the Test of the communication regulation and relevant knowledge: Monday afternoon, 13:30
d. Shanghai Vehicle Management Bureau

That is the complete wording on the form, although this has been translated into English from the Chinese Version. We hope that the information provided gives you an idea of what is involved and we do repeat that it is wise to discuss your own personal circumstances with the Shanghai Vehicle Management Bureau. Contact Details Telephone: 6516 8168 Address: 1101 Zhong Shan Bei Yi Lu
As stated by many posters, where are you from and if from the US, only California and Colorado have honor status in Taiwan, meaning you can simply switch for a Taiwan drivers license immediately with the most being a possible physical involved, and that all depends on where you apply for your license because you will get different stories from different counties.

It really is a convoluted process that is not always the same depending on what county you are applying for it in Taiwan, or where you are from.

The AAA international license is the best way to go for temporary driving here, but if you have a Florida license, they don't honor the international license here for some unknown reason. I have wrote 4 offices in Taiwan and the AIT office (a sad version of all that America has for a non-embassy here) for an explanation of why certain American states have preferential treatment over others, and nobody seems to know why. It's political for some reason in my mind.

The most important thing is even if you do get an international drivers license, you must be aware that in Taiwan people will sue you quickly for accidents, so it is a must to also get temporary insurance from your origin country to be safe that is honored for driving in Taiwan.

The absolute worst thing that can happen here is an accident, even if it's not your fault because you will be caught up in the extreme red tape of the court system here for months and possibly years depending on how major the accident was.

It is not easy to drive here if you are from America, and it gets worse in the major cities. It's best to avoid it as much as possible, but if you must drive, the international license (if you qualify) plus international insurance that covers you in Taiwan is the best way to go.

If you will be here long term, you may go through an extremely easy process of simply taking a test and showing your license to an extremely complicated one, such as getting your license validated by AIT first, taking a physical and then taking a written test. Finding the English written tests is easier in bigger cities such as Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung but harder in more smaller cities.

You have not stated where you are from, so it makes it difficult to answer your question correctly without more information.

You have also not stated if you will be here for a long or short period of time, which makes answering your question based on you information much harder. Be more specific.

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