What month is the best time to go to the Great Wall of China?


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I believe I would say May - June. Not to cold and not to warm. Also avoid the first week in May when many Chinese have holiday.
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October. The colors of fall around the Great Wall are stunning. Avoid the overly-touristic sections of the Wall (eg, Ba Da Ling).
Wanna to see beautiful views?Spring and Autumn:
Spring:late April ~ early June
Clean air,ease temprature,green full eyes
Autumn:late September ~ early November
Clear&dry air,ease temprature,The red leaves of maple trees of the Fragrant Hills are the most charming autumn scenery in Beijing.

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Spring(April to June) and autumn(September to early November) are the bust time to Great Wall.
I'd agree that Spring or Autumn are the best times. Avoid Badaling and Mutianyu though and take a look at some of the unrestored sections. Less commercialized and more fun.
I should say both Spring and Autumn are good season to visit the Great Wall. April, September, October are good months to visit. The temperature is neither cold nor hot. Besides, In April you can see many flower blossoms booming all along the mountains. While in Autumn, the great wall has another view with golden colors. Another thing is pls avoid going to the busy section. Mutianyu is less tourisy among the others.
April, May, June is already full of people, end of September, October and November. Actually the Great Wall is wonderful under the snow, but it can be so cold...
spring or autumn is ok.but if u can resist cold temperatures try going there during winter. the sight is formidable
Different season has different scenery,best time is May for spring scenery, End of October for maple tree leaves, very beautiful, and if it snows, snow scenery is also very nice.
in every month you can taste the great view of Great Wall.
Certainly in fall. However it must be pretty crouded.
Nov. would be perfect
I would say in the mid of May and the mid of October.
Hi, second week of October will be best, please remember the first week of october is a 'golden week' in China this is our national holiday and many Chinese people will be travelling, also from the middle of may till the end of june is a good time.
wish you have a great time!
Two weeks ago I climbed the Great Wall in Simatai, covered in the snow. It`s wonderful. Although it is very steep, it was still safe, as someone had sweeped the steps...
Check the weather forecast. I went there with a friend last spring season and it turned out to be one of the best days ever to climb and walk the wall. Not too hot and not too cold and the view was fantastic. There were no clouds nor mist obstructing the whole scenery.
i am the professional English in beijing,so the best month is April ,may(after the first week,because the seven day holiday),september and october.
the ticket is just 40yuan,about 6dollar.
Either mid spring, or mid autumn. Unless of course you have a lot of cold weather gear, then it's quite nice in January, especially just after a snowstorm.
If you mean the Great Wall in Beijing, I think fall is the best season. WInter would be also very nice if it snows. If you can spend one night on the Great Wall that would be the most memorable experience you will ever have.
when is warm, from May to Sept. After will be windy and cold.
in fall, summer is too hot, especially the forest aside looks better in fall
Maybe you should mention about the certain area of the Great Wall that you are interested in. If you hope to go to Badaling Great Wall. Please never go there during sunny summer or you will get youself sunburnt, as there are no tree on the passway to the top of the wall. I like Mutianyu Great Wall best. When you are stepping on the stone stairs under the shade of the tall trees and feel the breeze, you will get what I meant. Hope you will enjoy your lovely tour in Beijing!
I think April is a good choice.enjoy your trip in China!

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