Taiwan Customs policies?

Am I allowed to bring in agricultural products from Myanmar into Taiwan?


Country: Taiwan


not without some sort of quarantine process... and they've just become more strict on these recently too.
No its not advisable. You might end up having so much problems at the customs.. best not to bring any.
Since not sure what kind of product, you better check
for agricultural regulation it depends what kind of products you going to bring in...some are ok if you apply for a application in advanced! if not you will got fine while you arrived.
you may check this website for director's mail box
well discribe you products and ask them how to apply the form!
I wish i can help you! Enjoy you time in Taiwan!
You can find the answer on this website by National Immigration Agency of Taiwan:

Good Luck...

Emilio Chan
No,I think bring in agricultural products from anywhere will cause you a lot of problems
basically, better not to do this. however, if you still want to try, then sometimes the custom is not strict but by chance.
I tried that and were lucky a couple of times.It`s easier to bring in anything in our baggage than to get it send from home...
You are not allowed to bring any agricultural fresh products or seed to Taiwan . it is illeal.
You're not allowed to bring meat, plants, fruits and vegetables into Taiwan. They're quite strict on these things lately, and employ sniffer dogs to run around the luggage belts to sniff out the offending "contraband". So I wouldn't really recommend it.
No agriculture without government permission, even seeds

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