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Is it ok to travel to Shanghai Beijing during the first two weeks of October, knowing that its China's Independence day celebration. Are the trains, subway and buses full? How about getting train tickets going to and from Shanghai Beijing. (I was in Shanghai Beijing this February, train ticket are hard to get.) Are the palaces and great wall open to tourist on October? And finally, are shops open for shopping?


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Hi there! regarding shops and tourist attractions like the great wall, do not worry about it, they will be open. Buses and taxis wont be hard to get, at least in Beijing (thats where i used to live)actually you might find the city quite empty in comparison with normal days!! ( but China's never empty:p). Tickets are gonna be hard to get, that is almost sure so i recommend you ask someone to help you to get them in advance and well, yeah be prepare for a super chinese experience because trains are gonna be full! good luck.

No worries aboyut shopping and tourist attractions. Maybe closed a day or 2. Tickets and transportation will be a bigger problem.
no worries about shopping...they will never gonna be close during the golden week..just take care of the transportation...personally I don't like to traveling during this time..because it's just too full...but if you want to experience the really " chinese golden week",,, you should do it... smile..
Our National Day is on Oct.1. We have our National Day Holiday from 1st to 7th of Oct. Trafic would be very busy during the holiday. So if time permit, try to avoid it. Shops and all tourist attractions are open to public during the holiday.

Actually, scenerary are more beautiful in middle or late Oct. in Beijing. So strongly recommand you choose the second week in Oct.

Have fun in Beijing.

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the traffic is busy
The first week of October is much full for transportation, the second week that after the National Day will be better. You have to get the train tickets in ahead of 10 days, the railway stations are permitted to sell the tickets 10 days ago. All of the places will be open during the days, don't worry about that.
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