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What's the most popular brand of handbag that can only be bought in Taiwan? It should be a local to Taiwan. My boyfriend is asking me what I want him to bring me from his trip, so I thought a handbag would be great. Suggestions, plzzzzzz!!!


Country: Taiwan


Hi,actually,you can get some handbags in chinese style,made of silk or sewed in chinese characters or patterns.Where is your b/f traveling to in twn? He can also get you a modern designed Chi-Pao,it's a chinese traditional dress.let me know if there's anything i can help!
I like cowa and it is simple. You can buy cowa in department stores or eslite bookstores(誠品書店). By the way, it's cowa's site
If your bf is coming to Taipei, he may be interested in the"creative market" outside the 敦南 branch of Eslite store. Perhaps he could recognize something that suits you. This is the only thing I could think of. People here in Taiwan use imported goods a lot so you'll find that they're pretty similar to what you can find in other countries.
There is a really nice locally sourced/produced bag by a very small company called Oriental Fabrics...very small clutch bags and very Chinese looking so make a great present from "Taiwan". IF you need more info I can give you the details.
hello,steven,I'd like to know more details about this source,coz I'm going to perchase some for my friends in other countries.cheers!
Well, i am not very sure about some Taiwanese brands. BEcause i am not a local myself. But, i think u can buy some really cheap girly bags in Taiwan with some special designs which you might not be able to find elsewhere. You can prob. get them in the night markets, or in Kaohsiung, around xin jue jiang, near to city spotlight.

Hope that helps.
I suggest PORTER! I think it's more modern and fashionable.
U can ask ur BF to pick one which close to ur style!
Actually if you want traditional chinese bags, it's not that easy to find. But if you're interested in something modern, there is a taiwanese brand which sells simple yet fashionable handbags. It's called Satana.
if you don't mind shopping around and finding it, then you could go to some night markets, such as Shilin, Shida, Gongguan etc to get them.
Well, there aren't many international Taiwan handbag brands that I know of per se, but there are quite a number of inexpensive (dare I say *cheap*) handbags that are sold at roadside stalls around the Taipei Sogo area (ask your boyfriend to take the MRT to the Zhongxiao Fuxing station). Here's a website for you to get a general taste:

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