Buying a cat in Taiwan

Aside from Royal Cat Garden and Mickey Su Cattery, where else can I buy a cat in Taiwan? I want to buy one! Your suggestions will really help. Thanks!:)


Country: Taiwan


You can either buy or adopt one here: .

Best is help to adopt,
Can help to save those cute abandon cat/kitten.


I love animals and have a couple of super cute hamsters.So,cats r out for me.But ur best bet is to go from Pet shop to Pet shop and see for urself.I`ve seen some real beautiful kittens...nearly bought one myself a month ago...but feel to sorry for my hamsters,HAHA
Cats are everywhere. In fact, just today I had seen on one of the back streets not 1 but 2 cats who just had kittens and the owners were giving them away for free. Just watch the farming areas because farmers set up traps that kill a lot of cats yearly.

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