What nightlife can we expect at Tokyo and Kyoto?

We have planned to visit Tokyo and Kyoto next week and our day tours are already booked. What is the night scene like for two 30 year olds? We just want to have fun, though not too stormy!


Country: Japan


hi good morning... here are some nightlife you can do in kyoto japan and the places to hang out just bars and its a cool ambiance... Here's a rundown of the best places:
Bar Ambrose. Located in the "Pyramid" building, it's just another restaurant/bar but features a $4 drink special for happy hour. Not a bad choice for a date or afterwork drink. It's not worth going to after 8pm.

Bar Milwaukee. An English-style pub in a basement that features darts, foosball and a pool table. And a lot of Gaien men. Be careful upon entering; the dart board is precariously close to the bottom of the stairs.

Bauhaus. A Japanese band plays American '70s & '80s cover tunes. Sometimes the lyrics are sung phonetically. A lot of fun, more so for those able to talk their way past the $20 cover charge. The "band" allows people to challenge in for spots and its members double as waiters and bartenders.

Charleston and Son's. An Italian restaurant with passable food that features an outdoor patio. Good place to start a night. The crowd is mixed of Gaien and natives

Hobgoblin. Another pub-style bar full of transplants from Great Britain. The house brew isn't worth drinking. The highlight of PubClub's visit there there was seeing a bachelor, celebrating is last night of freedom, hitting the floor at 11pm on a Thursday. He was wearing an S&M hood, pink lei and pink sequined g-string over his suit.

Magambo. This is an African-themed bar full of white people. And it's pretty lively. Be wary of this bar on a pay-day (Friday). The bell above the bar's purpose? To announce someone is buying shots for the whole place. (At $10/shot one has to be a very generous host but it happens more frequently than one would expect.) There's also a "2 for 1" weekly special. The walls and ceiling are dedicated to polaroids of people with their name and number. There's a plaque on the wall dedicated to the "1,000 Shot Club."

Another fun Japan destination is Kyoto. It's a town that may be best known for its temple-hopping but it definitely is set up for nightlife, as well.
A good starting place is the Westin Miyagi. Its Moon Light Lounge offers a fabulous 180-degree view from the mountains to the city. Better still, it offers American-sized martinis for about $10. It's a great place for a pre-dinner drink.
Kyoto itself has two main nightlife districts: Gion and Kiya-machi (the River Walk.) Gion is best known as the hang-out for the Geisha. (Ask really nicely and one might stop for a photo.)Gion's main drag (Higashi-oji-dori) has a full range of typical Japanese nightlife from upscale restaurants to "shot bars" (dives). The River Walk is a long alley filled with clubs, bars and restaurants. If it's not a weekend, it seems more like a place to take a date than find a mate. The sheer volume of options for drinking and eating are mind-boggling.
One warning: If seated on a open-air patio along the river, expect to pay a table charge of $10 or more per person.
For getting around, taxi service is much more reasonable here than Tokyo.

hope this can help for your trip...
Many clubs in Roppongi and Shibuya. Good clubs are in Aoyama. If you guys wanna have fun with local Japanese, better to head out to Aoyama area. or Nishi Azabu. If you want to hang out with US army boys and girls, better to chill in Roppongi area.
Roppongi seems to be the party capital of Tokyo. If you are craving western food, there is a TGI Friday's, Tony Roma's (bbq rib restaurant), and Hard Rock Cafe in the area, but it is mostly known for clubs where Tokyo's expats go to party.

In Ebisu, What the Dickens is a great English pub with traditional pub fare and a large selection of beers and ciders on tap, plus many bottled varieties.

Pick up a free English publication in one of the Tokyo subways for a list of local events, or visit the Tourist Information Counter at Narita Airport or around Tokyo and Kyoto. They are certain to have more detailed information. Have a great time!

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