I'll be in Taiwan for 6nites & 7days. Where is the best places to go?

First two nites i'll be in Taipei. After that i don't have any plans of where to go... I want to visit places like nature with beautiful scenery like old cultural village, mountains, rivers, valleys... beacheas... Hope that i can finish visiting some really nice places in taiwan. Somebody pls advise me?


Country: Taiwan


Hello~~Welcome you to come and visit Taiwan~~
Good morning to you from South Taiwan, how are you?
I saw your question were asking about 7days trip here in Taiwan....
Basially people are coming to see "Taipei 101 building", or trying some foods from night market around in Taipei City area.

It's seem your thinking are so much different then others..
I personally do believed that - will be an special experiences if you looking at the nature part of Taiwan a while when you are here.

I personally do recomment "East part of Taiwan", if you are looking for some Big nature around here.
The follow web-side link will show in English vision - Hopefully will able to giving you an ideas about Eastpart of Taiwan~~


Of course, if you really loves to take some photos on the same time. Please do make sure that - you does bring enough memories card a while when you are there.

Or if you wish to see some beach area, then you must need to go all the way to the very South of Taiwan area. There is another National park there with a beautiful beach. Because many foreigners goes over there to "KenTing" for their weekend~~ :)

Or if you wish to see something about culture, Tainan is a city with full OLD cultural history as you can't able to see it all in once~~ If you would like to see some photos of Tainan, please feel free to go to my blog as ""

Wish you have a nice day....
you can go to East Taiwan, such as Wha-Lain where is pretty mountains and ocean there. when you r in Taipei, you can go giu-fen to see some old cultural village there. we also have the hot spring near the Yu-Ming mountain.
Hello, below is my suggested itinerary:

Day 1: Visit Yang-Ming Mountain for the Flower Season -> have lunch by the Cali lily flower farms -> relax in hot spring -> visit National Palace Museum (close by 5pm) -> visit Shi-Lin night market for shopping and local eateries -> do a foot massage

Day 2: Visit National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall -> lunch at nearby Dim-sum restaurant -> visit Guang-Ha Electronics shopping center -> dinner in down town -> see 101 observatory tower

Day 3: Visit wu-la => mountain hiking in morning -> lunch at aboriginal restaurant -> do hot spring soaking -> travel to Ki-Long Seaport to have fresh seafood -> travel to Tao-cheng to spend the night in a B&B

Day 4: Visit the beach at Tao-cheng -> lunch at Toa-cheng B&B -> afternoon Hiking at Wu-Qie waterfall -> hot spring soaking -> night travel to National Traditional Art Center and spend the night there

Day 5: Visit National Traditional Art Center -> travel to Hua-Lian and spend the night

Day 6: Visit Tai-Lu-Gei National park to see the natural landscape of Hualan and aboriginal villages -> night in Ha-Lian or take night train to Tai-Dong

Day 7: From Tai-Dong, take a flight back to Taipei.

Depending on the month that you are visiting, other options include river walking (which is an activity the US or Europe doesn't have), scuba diving or snorkeling.

One of my services is design a personal itinerary with traveling and accommodation arranged, for a few. Pls feel free to send me private message or email me should this service be required. Thanks.
Hey, it is great to know you and answer your question. Well,Taiwan is an island which covered by forested mountains 、 coastal plains and basins. I live in Kaohsiung city southern Taiwan. If you are interested in visiting natural scenes like old cultural village, mountains, rivers, valleys and beaches, i will recommend you to come to southern Taiwan.There are many places worthy to visit and you'll like it.

1.Small island which can experience tidal pool enjoying in seeing varieties of living creature.Real countryside leisure and communicate with local people.

2.Aboriginal culture center,visiting Taiwan aboriginals' villages and their customs.

3.Beautiful mountains are nearby.You can go up for hiking or having a tea.

4.Local country sights. There are many places nearby. Like
flower farms、parks、old streets etc...

5.And downtown sites. Like night markets、Kaohsiung Love River、shopping malls and nice foods etc...

As a foreigner,ie is quite difficult to visit scenes out of city. Transportation is not convenient in the county. So many people have visited Taiwan just staying in the city. It is a pity not visiting local places.
So if you are interested, telling me,i can plan the itinerary for you.
E-mail(also Facebook account) :
Skype : grace661209
After your first two days I recommenda you to go to the east of Taiwan like HuaLian and TaiYung after that you can go to KaoHsiung that is a brautiful city~
NanTou is also a good place to go~ you can go to SunMoon lake or HsiTou~~
Places that are MUST SEE in Taiwan:

Sunrise over Ali Shan
Taroko Gorge (one of the most spectacular places on the planet)
Sun Moon Lake
And as you are interested in Aboriginal culture, you should also visit the villages in south Hsinchu County and northern Miaoli county. Come off the main roads, if you are in a car, and drive in to the mountains. Scenery that will knock your socks off, and will make you want to stay.

If you need a good beach, then the best are in the south of Taiwan, around Kaohsiung/Kenting, but there are some fair ones in Fulong (popular with non Chinese) and even Bai Sha Wan, close to Danshui (this town is also definitely worth a visit with it's old fort and fishermans wharf)
The top places that I would recommend for nature outside of Taipei are:
1. Taroko Gorge: lots of great hikes and scenery, you can learn about the indigenous tribes that live there too. To get here, it is probably easiest to take a train from Taipei to Hualien (great place for food and snacks) and then take a bus to Taroko Gorge from there
2. Sun Moon Lake: the biggest lake in Taiwan, surrounded by beautiful mountains, there are hikes of various difficulties either around the lake or going up the mountains and you can rent bikes too. From Taipei, either take the High Speed Rail and then taxi/bus or, if you budget is tight and you are not rushed for time, there are buses directly to Sun Moon Lake from Taipei.

Let me know if you have any more questions.
Just wanted to comment on your itinerary:

Apart from the Imperial Palace Museum, most museums and art centers in Taiwan are not yet at the level of what you would expect abroad. You are likely to be disappointed.

On the other hand, the island has a staggering amount of really gorgeous places to visit.
In Taipei, visiting the markets, 101, and Shilin are things you should do but from which you won't get so much satisfaction (it's only after a while that you enjoy it). It may surprise you though.
Outside of Taipei, Yanmingshan, and Wulai are great choices. I would also suggest visiting the crags of Pingxi, which is the prettiest hiking I ever did. The view and the experience there is fantastic, although it is not suited for young kids.

If I were you I would skip the Keelung's visit. Let's be honest, it's not a very pretty place. A bit of a waste of your time.
I would go directly to Hualien, and Taidong (and the road in between which is so beautiful) and take the time to visit both places. They are both incredibly pretty.
If you can spend another 24hrs, You should take the 12:00 ferry to Ludao (you can also take the plane to, it is quite cheap), which is a small island in front of Taidong famous for its diving spots, and spend a night there.

Enjoy Taiwan!
hello,welcome to's it going?!
you like going to natural places,you can go to east of Taiwan,Kualien,there are many will see something different there.if you want to around whole kaulien,at least,it takes four days.
if you want to see old culture in Taiwan,you can go to Tainan because it is the oldest city in Taiwan. there are many traditional food and temples.hopefully,I can help you.if you have any problems,don't hesitate to ask me.:-)
Good luck,Have a nice day
You could visit the east side of Taiwan, ex: Hua-Lien, Yilang(there's traditional Cultural Center) and Tai-Tong. Or Go to Kenting for the beaches(it's in southern Taiwan)
Hi,are you coming alone or what? maybe I can show you around if time's available.Here're some most popular attractions to foreigners in twn,take a look and let me know if you need any further help!
1.Taipei 101,Long-San Temple,and Danshui(with it's old fort,fisherman's wharf and sea food.)
2.Hua-Lien,Taroko Gorge(you can go for 2 days after taipei,1 of the most spectacular places on the planet)
3.Sun Moon Lake in Nan-Toa for aboriginal culture,near where I live.
4.Taking small train up to Ali Shan for sunrise.(If you still have time to)
The best beach is Kenting in southern Taiwan- Kaohsiung,there is also another one-Fulong in Taipei where you can get there by train.
Anyway,welcome and enjoy!

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