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On my travel to Taiwan this January, I will be staying at the Grand Hotel nesr Keelung River. I need to go and visit the 101 Tower. What's the best way to get there - by train, bus? I don't want to take a cab. Ant suggestions? Thank you!!!


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Well,unfortunately it's easier to take a cab from Grand Hotel,or you can try taking a bus.
p.s.Next time you should stay at other hotels where's convenient for taking MRT,and cheaper!
the MRT with bus will help you to go around Taiwan .
If you really do not wish to take cab from Grand Hotel to Taipei 101 building...You can ask someone from Grand Hotel, then they will tell you exectly which bus as you can take. The bus will able to bring you over to the subways station, then you just need to take the subway and get off at the "Taipei City Hall" station. As soon as you step out from station, you will able to see the Taipei 101 building.
Of course, there is a busy will bring you over to Taipei 101 building directly from subway station to the bus stop at Taiepi 101 building~
Or you can take a walk to Taipei 101 building as well, it's ONLY takes you 15 ~ 20 minutes to get there.

Wish you have a great time a while when you are here in Taiwan~
Okay, here's my suggestion. The Grand Hotel provides a free shuttle bus to and from the Yuan Shan MRT (subway) station. You can check out the times here:

Once you get to the Yuan Shan MRT station, take the Red (Danshui) line to the Taipei Main Station, alight and change to the Blue (Nangang) line to the Taipei City Hall station. Come out of Exit No. 2 and from there, you can either walk to Taipei 101 (around 15 mins), or take the free shuttle bus provided (you'll have to check about the actual times there).

Here's a link to the Taipei MRT website:

Hope this information has been useful to you!
now,you know the way by MRT,it may take you about one hour from hotel to 101,and 25 NT,but if you are lazy and hurry,just take taxi,it is about 30 mins to there ,and cost about 220 NT
I suggest you go there by bus and MRT.
1. Take bus (247 287 21) to YuanShan MRT station.
2. Take MRT from YuanShan MRT station to Taipei main station
3. take blue line MRT to Taipei city Hall station.
4. There are some free buses can take you from the mrt to taipei 101 or you can walk to there.
Bus and MRT will take ages and will not save you much money.

Take a taxi - it's quicker and costs very little.
Ask the concierge at Grand Hotel which is easier for you to walk to MRT station or taking a bus.If it's MRT,then get off at Taipei City Hall(blue line is easier).
If you're not here in twn yet,then maybe can change your hotel to anyone downtown,look up the website for Hotels in Taipe City,there's english version,don't worry!Good luck!
Grand Hotel provides hotel shuttle service to Taipei Mass Rapid Transit, MRT's Yuan Shan Station, take any one of the two southbound trains to Taipei Station. In the station transfer to the only other line. Take the eastbound train to Taipei City / Municipal Goverment Station. Take the southeast exit, and voila! You shall see the 101 Tower. It is just a 15 minute walk from that MRT exit.
When you get ready, just call me, and I'll drive you there!
I would suggest you take the MRT, it's fast, easy, and inexpensive. After you take the shuttle bus to the Yuan Shan Station, go to Taipei Main Station(four stops), and then transfer to the blue line to Taipei City Hall station, and get out at exit 2. The price of the MRT ride is only 25NT.

Hope this helps!

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