I am an American. Is a visa necessary for me to visit China?

Do I need a visa for me to visit China? How long does it take to be able to get a visa? Do you know how much a Chinese visa cost? What else do I need to know to prepare for a trip to China?


Country: China


Yes you will need a visa for China. You should apply at neraest embassy or consulate. You can look for it on internet and find the nearest. You can there also download the application forms. You should prepare photo, return ticket and in some places they also demand hotel bookings.

Good luck and have a nice trip.

Yes you definitely need a visa. I think it costs $130, if you join a package tour $20 TA handling fee would be charged.

What you are suppose to prepare depends on what you gonna do in China. You better check with your agent for all details or just being ready to experience another coutry.

Or you might like to check this out for some infor. it's actually my travel profile:

good luck
Yes, you do. Please go to the following link to check out the procedure.

American's MUST have a visa to travel to China. You will want an "L" or Tourist Visa. You should apply at the Embassy in Washington, DC or whichever of the consulates serves your home state. There are consulates in Houston, Chicago, San Francisco and LA. Each of them are assigned certain states to handle applications from. You can get them same day, or in a week. Chinese Visa costs vary depending on if you get single entry, multiple entry (valid for different lengths of time), and also whether you use faster processing or not.
Yes you will need a visa to travel to China. You may apply an Tourist Visa at the Embassy. And you can get them in one week. Chinese Visa costs depending on if you want single entry or multiple entry. It may cost around $150. Furthermore you may wanna check on the internet to see what else do you need to prepare the trip. I highly recommend this website for you to look up: It got all the basic stuff you need to deal with. Good luck and welcome to China.
Dear jambajuicer543:
Do I need a visa for me to visit China? (yes)
How long does it take to be able to get a visa? (1-5days)
Do you know how much a Chinese visa cost? ( around $150)
What else do I need to know to prepare for a trip to China? (check )

good luck and have a great trip
LYF in beijing

Yes...of course...around here we don't even breathe without getting it officialized...:)
There are services in the states that can fast track your visa, it costs a little more, but you can do it online and have them mail the damn thing right to your house.

A great investment...wish we had those in Bayjing!

Yes, you need a visa to visit China. You can find the application for and more info at the following link:

and the application form at the following link:

More info for Tourist Visa ~
How to apply
1.You may submit the application to the Visa Office of the Embassy or Consulate -General which holds consular jurisdiction over the state where you reside;
2.If you cannot come in person, you may entrust someone else or a travel/visa agent to drop off your application at the visa office of the Embassy or Consulate -General which holds consular jurisdiction over the state where you reside;
▲No appointment is required.
▲Mailed applications are not acceptable and will be returned.
▲Mail back service is available (make sure you read INSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLICATION MAIL SERVICE) .

Ⅲ.Processing Time
1.The regular processing time is 4 working days.
2.Express service: 2-3 working days processing,additional fee of $20 will be charged per visa.
3.Same day rush service:emergency only, additional fee of $30 will be charged per visa (applications shouldl be submitted before 12:30pm, and may be picked up between 2:30pm-3:00pm on the same day).

Ⅳ.Visa fees
1.Please pay by Visa, MasterCard, Money Order, Cashier's Check, Company Check or Cash.Personal checks are not acceptable.
2.Please make the check or money order payable to the Chinese Embassy or Chinese Consulate-General.
3. Fee US$130
Hello American.. (jambajuicer543).. what's up amigo..? To answer your questions. YES u need a visa.. 2nd, depending on your country of origin, it varies on how long it takes. Regarding America, i think only a few days. As 4 the price, i think it is $130 for a three month visa - maybe less 4 a shorter time(trust me, it is worth every penny). In answer to your final question.... all you have to prepare is your clothes and your mind 4 a good time... trust me, you will not be dissapointed. Our country is out of this world in more than one way... if you r up 4 a fun time, this is the place..
yes, you do need a tourist visa. It costs $130 for 5 day processing and $160 for same day. It will be a one month single entry that can be used to enter the PRC for up to 90 days after the date of issue.

As for other information to prepare for China, that depends on where you're planning to go.
Hi, yes of course you do need it, actually after last years Olympic games it has been more difficult and costly to get it, anyway, you have to go to the Chinese Visa office (part of Consulate or Embassy) and apply for it, you can download the Visa application form at: , you need 2 good accepted pass foto's, be sure they fullfill the new rules, you also need to show your Airline return ticket and a hotel booking and your passport of course, if you go as tourist this might be enough, if you go for business you do need an official invitation from your Chinese partner and a travell shedule.
you can get a Visa for one month and one entree, the cost will be around 50 dollars, and you can pick it up 1 week later, if you want it faster you pay more, maybe 35 dollar or even more.
you can also ask your travel agent to do the application for you, he will probably charge you some money but also save you a lot of hassle.
Welcome to China!
if you need help here for your visit you can contact me!
Really sorry to answer your question so late,as far as I know,you need a visa,and the procedure is a little complicated and you'd better ask the embassy for some advice~~~~Wish you a unforgettable trip in our country.
Hi. The best way to get Chinese visa is in DC Chinese consulate. Less hassle and less head ake and much more cheeper than in the rest of the world. However, if you are flying via Turkey or Kyrgizstan you can get your visa within a 5 days. It costs (in Turkey) about 150US, in Kyrz. about $ 100. In both of the lacations the agancy does the visa for you. You also get a hotel reseravtion, which you really dont need to use upon arrival, and rest of the details. Its the most secure way to get your Chinese visa ones you are not getting it in US. But if you can get it in DC then my answer is DO IT!! Better home and in the place where you dont even know the local language.

Hey, if you get this way, stop by in NWChina, city Urumqi. Its real China, real people, real thing.


sure u need this VISA,u can't live without this crap!!!.and usually it takes about 15 days to get in done.Goodluck buddy
you need to get your Visa ,some of my American friends will cost several weeks to get it ,only pay money is ok ,it is very easy ,nomally you just go to your local Chinese Embassy ask and pay little money to get passport and the embassador will sign and seal , then finished ,but there is some special problem ,i donnot know ,maybe have some ,maybe not ,get chinese visa is easy and convient ,i think will cost several dollars and three weeks ,if you will come ,book the room and ticket first ,before you should prepare some common living-using things ,when you arrive at any place of china ,you can contact me i will give you hotel and plane and train ticket's information and other tour and travel information and so on .contact me ,i will answer you as soon as possible ,i am on line everyday .wish you good trip ,
Yes, you do. You must get China visa for entrance China. For complete information please visit
yes, you need visa, but it is easy to get. If you come for tourism you can ask 3 months 2 entries so you have the possibility to got to HK or somewhereelse. China weather is different from south to north. From now till October will be warm on all china. Plan properly where you want to go cuz it is not easy find people speaking english. Let me know what you like ot do so i can suggest better.
Hiya, a visa is an essential to visit China, and I am telling you... it's affordable, haha.
Yes you need a visa
Yup~ You will need a visa to visit China. If you only want to visit China for a short term you can easily get a tourist visa at a Chinese Consulate or Chinese Embassy (depends on where your at now in the US) The tourist Visa (L-Visa) should be one month - three months with one entry. The cost is about 150 US$. But when you get to China you can always extend your visa for nother month if you want. For a trip to China, depending on where you want to go and what you want to do, you need to book air tickets and hotels. Contact a local travel angency in China will be a good idea. If you need further info, let me know...

Try this link: . They're generally helpful but has another Localyte has mentioned they may ask for flights and hotel bookings.
yes, you do need a visa to china. I think the other people have replied details to you how to get a visa . I focus on what you need prepare :

1/ temparature is varies in south and north of china, so if you plan cross china from south to North, you need clothes for spring and winter (both);

2/ pls bring some medicine with you , such as cold, headach , that doesnot mean no medicine in china, but you may not know how to tell the phamacy assistant in chinese what you really need;

3/better to book your hotel in advance , you can get discount and also hotel arranges pick up;

4/better to have a local guider who can speak english if you donot speak chinese and it's 1st time you come , not easy to find people who understand english especially in some smaller cities ;

HI,I'm glad to answer your questions.If you have a passport with a validity duration of more than six months,then you can go directly to Embassy of P.R.China in the USA for the travel visa(L visa).
Regularly,it wll cost 4 working days and 130dollars for you to get the visa.The validity of the visa is 3 or 6 months,and the total staying days are 30 days.They don't accept the post application.You have to do it face to face,but they can send the passport and the visa back to you. They can also provide urgent visa service,but you will be charged for 20dollars for the additional service.I don't think you need it.So please arrange your time.
For applying the visa,you should provide the following:
your passport, fllling the visa application form,and two standard color photos(full face, front view,no hat and against a plain light backgroud).

For more information,you can go .
Or ask me.I will always be ready for you.
Hope I have cleared up your doubts.
Hi, firstly welcome to China.
You certainly need apply one-time or two-time visa with at least 6-month-valid passort or multiple entries visa within one year visa with over one-and-half-year-valid passport.
You need prepare a application form, one photo,and will cost you 130$us.
Please submit your application at least 4 days before your travel. For urgent, you can get visa in one day.
Hope these info can help you a little.
yes, you do need visa, usually it takes around two weeks to get this done, and cost $130 or so. more info on Chinese embassy site!
Good luck~ : )
thx for the above, help so much lol:D
yep, i guess i don't have to type in all those details now :p
People do need visa to access other countries,don't they? Even americans.......
That's sure you have little knowledge on Visa.
Many countries have the policy allows some certain countries citizen to enter without visa but a valid passport.
What did he ask mean if he need to apply the visa instead of using the passport only.
Hainan Island is the only exception as you can get a 10 day tourist visa upon entry at the airport
yes you need a visa. You can probably get next day service. 150 to 300 through an agency.

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