I am taking a week's holiday in Tokyo. I need your recommendations for places to visit, things to do and shopping.

Where can I get a good digital camera and original branded leather products? I am lookingfor bargains or salvation army type stores. What places should I visit in Tokyo other than Disneyland?


Country: Japan


hi good morning... im from philippines but i love to read every country places to visit ... here are my place for you to recommend, if you love temples and shrine you can visit sensoji temple is the oldest temple in tokyo and there are lots of lokal snacks that sold out side of the temple like Skewered kibi-balls covered with soybean powder, Agemanju - deep fried manju (soft cake with red bean paste filling); Ningyoyaki - small cake with red bean paste filling; Kibidango Shop coz theres a lot of tents there selling some typical japanese souvenirs... or you can visit ... hope you have a great day stayin in japan and hope this can help you a lot... thank you and good bless
If you get tired of the hustle and bustle of city life in Tokyo, I recommend a day trip to Nikko or Kamakura, each about two hours away from Tokyo.

For trendy and reasonable shopping, I recommend Harajuku, where a lot of young Tokyoites get their unique look.

Akihabara probably has the largest concentration of camera stores, but the prices aren't really that good. Most of the cameras are made in Japan, though, which is probably why they can cost more than cameras sold outside Japan (often assembled in Thailand, Malaysia, or other Asian countries). If you take your passport, many stores have a duty free policy and you won't have to pay the 5% consumption tax. Have a nice trip!
For your camera, you can go a couple of places in Tokyo. (i.e. Akihabara, Yurakucho and Shinjuku area) Some of Cameras do not have bilingual function(Japanese Only). For your lather goods, it really depends on condition and style. Better to check at flea markets and little far from central Tokyo area.
You can get a bilingual camera at Bic Camera. It just depends on the brand. I bought a bilingual Canon model at the Bic Camera in Yuracho for a reasonable price. Just ask the shop staff (a few of whom speak English) and they can help you pick a model. If you really need help, they might set it to the English mode for you too.
u have to try Soshi :-D
If you are looking for electronics stuff, Akihabara is the best place! It's heaven of all sorts electronic gadgets. Some stores even offer discounts for tourist but not locals like us =(. Spend a day there you can find the best bargain. As for leather products, Ginza has a wide array of branded shops like Louis Vuitton. However, shopping in Ginza can cost you an arm and a leg depending on what you want to buy. Shibuya and Omotesando are alternative shopping places that you might want visit. All of these places are located along the JR Yamanote Line so you can hop from one place to another.
if you're there for a whole week i recommend you visit Nikkou, its a wonderful temple and palace site about 1 hour from tokyo!
Digital Cameras?

Of course, try Akihabara. But I can recommend Biccamera, Yodobashi and Sofmap. Look for the Duty Free sign. And since you are just visiting, they can take off the tax and the points from your desired camera. These stores Bic Camera has some English speaking staffs in Akihabara and Shinjuku outlets.

Branded leather products? hmmm... Try Takashimaya and Isetann stores in major railway stations like Shinjuku, Tachikawa and Tokyo. Also, try Ginza district for high-class leather products.

Bargains? Try Ameyoko shopping district in Okachimachi (Yamanote Line). Also, Ameyoko shopping area has some salvation army type stores selling military jackets.

Other thank Tokyo Disneyland?
1. Tokyo Tower
2. Ebisu Beer Museum. (Ebisu)
3. Railway Musem. (take the New-Shuttle and get-off at Tetsudou Hakubutsukan 鉄道博物館. From Shinjuku, take the Shonan-Shinjuku Line going to Omiya and from there look for the New Shuttle Line)
4. Ghilbi Museum.
5. Ueno Zoo in Ueno Station along the Yamanote Line
6. Ueno Science Musem
7. The Big Sight in Odaiba
8. Toyota Megaweb Museum in Odaiba
Try this in Odaiba. Too massive things to visit and do.

9. Hiking at Mt. Takao

10. Visit Kamakura Temples
Here are my top ten things to do/see in Tokyo
1. Yoyogi Park in Harajuku (especially on a Sunday)
2.National Museum in Ueno
3. Sensoji Temple
4. Kabuki in the Kabuki-za
5. Tsukiji Fish Market
6. Hama-rikyu tea garden
7. Akihabara for electrionics (somebody already mentioned this)
8. Shopping/ eating in Shibuya. You may find a few bargains here. Also, be sure to check out Tokyu Hands, which has everything (but not so cheap) and Don quixote, which has a lot of stuff but is unorganized (a little bit cheaper)
9. If you're intersted in thrift shopping, go to Shimo-Kitazawa or Koenji. Funky atmosphere and some thrift stores. But I have to say the thrift stores there are not cheap. The cheapest one in Tokyo is Kinji (next to the GAP in Harajuku). You may find some gems there.
10. Clubbing at either Air or Unit in Daikanyama, or Womb in Shibuya. I suggest you print a map to these places and take a taxi from the station, as they can be difficult to find. Our, grab a local and take them out!
I don't know if Tokyo is the best place for you to buy leather, unless you have a lot of money in your budget. The products here tend to be the real-deal, high quality, and expensive!!!!!If you are looking for your dream hand-bag such as Louis Vuitton or Coach, they have flagship stores on Omotesando avenue in Harajuku. You might be better off shopping on the Japanese Yahoo Auction. If you find something, they can ship it to your hotel in one or two days.
If you want to include a genuine experience of traditional Japanese culture in your trip to Japan, you can never say, "kekko", until you've seen Nikko.

Never say "Kekko" (splendid, satisfied) until you have seen the extraordinary natural beauty of Nikko City, and the Toshogu Shrine of the Tokugawa Shoguns who ruled Japan for 250 years.

Designated as a World Heritage Site, the Nikko shrines and temples, together with their environment, are the paramount example of traditional Japanese religious (Shinto) perception of the relationship of man with nature, in which mountains and forests have a sacred meaning and are objects of veneration.

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