How can I apply to study in Taiwan for 3 to 4 months?

I'm 18. What papers do I need to be able to study there?


Country: Taiwan


For starters, you can check out this website:

According to the website, the papers required are:
1. Application for enrollment (the format of which is to be determined by each individual school);
2. A photocopy of the graduation certificate from the highest foreign educational institution completed (in Chinese or English translation), and an English translation of the transcript of the student's entire course work at that institution;
3. Two letters of recommendation;
4. A health certificate (including an HIV test);
5. A study plan in Chinese or English;
6. Proof of financial sufficiency (proof of sufficient funds for studying in Taiwan);
7. Other documents as required by the university, college, or junior college.

For more details regarding application procedures and relevant regulations, please write to the intended institution directly for information about requirements and availability of programs.
Here's some information from my school, might help you!

If you're going to apply in Taiwan, you need:
- Two 2" Photographs
- A Photocopy of your passport
- Health Insurance
- A completed Application Form

If you're going to apply from overseas, you need:
- A completed Application Form
- Two 2" photographs
- A photocopy of your passport
- A copy of highest educational degree earned
- An official copy of your transcript in English
- A copy of your financial statement, showing a balance of
at least US$2,000
- Hospital Health Report (Physical exam)
- Health Insurance
- Admission Fee (US$20)

For other details, you can check from our school website:
Main Page:

Registration Page:

Hope this information helps!

All universities have different programs. Some offer 3-4 month programs and others offer one year programs. You'll need to pick a university and see what kinds of programs they offer. In terms of your paperwork, you'll need to apply for a student visa. Depending on whether or not your country has an visa exemption agreement with Taiwan, it can be done either in or outside of the country. If you do not need a visa for Taiwan, you should be able to come freely and get your visa when you arrive. Everything you'd need to know can be found here:
Couple of questions- Where are you applying from (Country) and what do you want to study?
First when are u come from?
second if u just want to study here in taiwan for 3-4 month..manybe u can check the website about exchange student..
well this is what i know..hope it works for u ..
welcome to Taiwan.that depends on which school you are going to.First, you can pick a school then you might be able to know how it works.Good luck.
Beside the website of studyintaiwan, you can also try TLC,it's supposed to be the most popular one and they can provide you a student visa to stay legally.
Sorry,it's TLI(Taipei Language Institute).ha ha!
All the paper you'll need might be a bit different to different schools,just log on the website and find out directly from the school administration.
Hello Lamar:
It depends what kind of school you plan to go to...
Language school for Chinese or University?
Eitherway, you can look for the school from Taiwan website fro education! Once the school you decide to go to, email them and they will reply you with application for one semester which is around 3~4 months : )
Apoka Chang
Tell me which subject you want to study and when, than I'll do it for you.
tell me which schools and major and where arieas in taiwan what u want, than i think i can provide u more detail info.
A program for 3 to 4 months? Probably you can just check out some Chinese Language Program, try some Universities like NTNU (), they offer reputable chinese courses. Good Luck!
Still need info on where you are coming from, what university you are trying to attend and what major
Others have already done a good job of providing the basic info you need above, so I won't waste the digital space rehashing the same info again. But I do urge you to visit my site () to get more information about living, studying and enjoying your time in Taiwan. From sure-fire Mandarin learning tips to the best bars, I've got you covered. (the drinking age in Taiwan is 18 by the way...)
It depends on what fields you want to study here. Chinese Language learning, Medical learning, or...?May I know it first so that I can offer you right info.?

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