Which places should I visit in Japan that normal tourists don't usually get to see?

I'm interested in visitng places in Japan that don't see many (or any) tourist/s. Which place would you suggest?


Country: Japan


Although there are certainly excellent restaurants and neighborhoods not oft-visited in major Japanese cities, your best bet would be to get as far North or South away from Tokyo to find the less visited locations. I recommend Yakushima in the South, and Shiretoko in the North (of course with a stop through Sapporo).
If you are headed to the Hiroshima area, I highly recommend Shimane Prefecture. It is the birthplace of Japanese myth and legend and home to Izumo Taisya, Japan's oldest and largest Shinto shrine, second only to Ise Shrine in terms of importance in Japan. Iwami Ginzan, an old silver mine, also received UN World Heritage status last year. Shimane is a two-hour highway bus ride away from Hiroshima, but be warned that the local train service isn't so frequent, and there aren't so many English speakers, but the people are friendly and will do their best to try to communicate with you! The plus about the local JR train service is that it borders the Japan Sea and there are spectacular views, especially at sunset.
Japan is huge, you need to target a spot first.
Kujukuri and the Pacific Coast east of Tokyo are nice beaches with very little tourism. If you like surfing or parasailing, or if you come in the late spring or summer time, i highly reccomend Chiba prefecture. Beyond Tokyo Disneyland, there are many more things in this inexpensive region of Japan.
your best bet is to buy a Juhachi kippu. for about 10,000 yen (100 dollars) you can use the Jr trains as much as your want for 5 days (not in a row) Just hop on the train and see where it takes you.
You can get these tickets at any JR train station. Just ask the Train guy. and say Juhachi kippu please.
and your adventure will begin.
I did this from Kagoshima in kyushyu to Tochigi(north of Tokyo) Pick a place you want to go in your lonely planet, and ask the train guy how to get there. He will tell you what trains to take, how many changes, the times and do it with a smile!

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