Camping sites in south Taiwan?

Maolin was a good camping spot, but I was destroyed. I really love camping but I don't know where else to go. Any suggestions? Please help!


Country: Taiwan


hi i do some research for u.try to help u.
check this site

Kenting and Hualien I`ve found are the best sites.Deff. the places to go to if you love the ocean.Nantou is also great and very beautiful with som great hiking trips.But dont wait till summer till go camping,the heat is unbearable.!!!
Green Island
Think I gave you some advice,but forgot to mention Green island!!
Sun Moon Lake is a great pick,there's a camping site by the lake,and small cabins.
this camping spot is good . there is phone call you can connect to . 洽定專線 : ( 0 8 ) 8 8 5 - 1 0 7 2

行動 : 0 9 3 2 - 7 2 9 - 2 6
The Best Campsites in Taiwan

The Lungmen camping compound--an area of 70 hectares which fronts the Shuanghsi River a stone's throw from the ocean at Fulung Beach--was the site of the French-based Inter-national Camping and Caravan Rally in 1991 (Federation Internationale de Camping et Caravanning). The camp-ground is considered the largest and best of its kind in Taiwan with several kinds of sites available: wood-covered, drive-in, plank-based, and all lawn-covered.

To guarantee roomy and quality living quarters the compound accepts only 1,000 campers at a time. Each campsite has a picnic table, benches, and lawn. Equipment can be rented from the service center. Good cooking facilities and clean rest rooms with showers are conveniently located. Security is efficient, and lodging is safe.

For those who prefer to sleep indoors there are two log houses with 11 rooms for two, four, or six persons. In the camping area there are bicycle-foot paths, pavilions with scenic views, picnic areas, swimming pools, children's playgrounds, a restaurant, a super-market, and party facilities. The vacationer can rent a bike from the store and ride it on the trails around the compound and in the nearby woods north of the river.
Best camping by far is in Orchid Island. I camped on a beautiful secluded beach under a Lingtou tree for a month, crystal clean rivers on both sides of me, the deep blue sea as my front yard. Found a pure drinking water source coming out of the coral about 500 meters from us down the beach. We made 6 rooms with a kitchen, sea-view reading watching platform that we would watch the sunset on, made a natural refrigerator. It was heaven, we named it Eden. Orchid Island is the most pristine, untouched place in Taiwan. They also have big wooden covered platforms situated all over the Island that are an absolute dream to sleep on....much better then a tent.

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