I will be gratefull if you help me with contact of a publisher. I will be translating a book from Bulgarian to english.The book would be related to the Bulgarian healer Neli Dimitrova for more information : She has written a book with the healed cases and people.The book has healing pictures which she has drawn / u can see the pics online at her website/ and the healed cases are also presented. . If you yourself are a publisher in an English speaking country it would be much appreciated to contact me so as to give you more details of the book and its content or either know someone who publishes that might be interested. Veselina Spasova Thank you


Country: Japan


Japan is not exactly an English speaking country. However, if you need any help translating the book from English to Japanese, let me know.
English To Japanese no problem but we cant do Bulgarian I'm afraid.
Patricia Fry is an author & lecturer in the area of publishing. She has written `The Right Way to Write, Publish and Sell Your Book` and the companion `Author`s
Workbook`(Matilija Press,2007). Visit Patricia`s site at
, with her blog there also.
your best bet would be to contact the relative embassy, they will no doubt have translators for bulgarian to english or japanese available.
The number one publisher of English books in Japan is a US based company, Charles E. Tuttle Company, Inc. from Rutland Vermont, USA Their address in Japan is: 2-6 Suido 1-chome, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

As mentioned, there is very little demand for English books in Japan.

Good luck in your quest.
Bulgarian I can't help you with....Japanese is a language I can help you with though.....sorry for not being any assistance to you......Melody
I am in japan, they cant speak english here,sorry.
Why JAPAN? I am 100% Japanse,I have never met any Bulgarians in my file but a Bulgarian Sumou guy KOTO-OUSYU and Bulgarian yogurt are very populor here.
I don't understand why you are looking for a publisher in Japan... FOr this kind of information, you have google ;)
Jeez! Wake up!
Spasova (aptly named)isn't translating anything!
This lady wants you to go to her website. The whole point of this exercise is for you to go to her site. Look at her writing! She can't even write in English! Translate? Ha! What a joke!

And you all fell for it! Wise up. It gets tiresome watching you fall, hook line and "stinker," and this one really stinks.

I don't blame her for trying; you are the fools.

"She has written a book with the healed cases and people."
"book has healing pictures which she has drawn / u can see the pics online..." Pathetic.

A lot of you teach langauage as a business, so ask yoursef; Does that look like the work of a language professional? A translator?
From your spelling and punctuation errors, you also appear not to be a language professional. Nor did you follow the thread, about publishers -
not translators (though it would be correct to predict that she would not suit that task..)
Neither did you visit the English side of the site she quoted !

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