Which part of China is good for diving?


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There are few places for diving in China as I know.You may only dive in southern part of China,like some islands around Sanya,Hainan province,or Beihai,Guangxi province.some webside below for reference:

I live on Hainan. The only diving companies are near Sanya but it is very crowded. If you are certified and can bring your own gear, I'd recommend doing that. We are in Boao, Boao Inn B&B.

Follow this link for more info on diving in Sanya
Hi Leo, i would suggest Hainan Island, its always good climate, good temperature, not expansive, if you go to the sout of the island around Sanya, there is also a lot of entertainment.
have fun!
Hi Leo,
as i told you yesterday Hainan is good for diving, but if you like a real good spot i think you should go to Thailand, in the south around the islands, Krabi, Phuket, PhiPhi, its great diving and very safe!

Hainan is your best choice. Warm waters and experienced staaf. You have some nice diving outside of HK and as well.
But go for HAinan, Sanya.

HAve a nice trip.

Yes,I agree, Sanya Hainan is good for driving.But if you mean standard road for driving,F1 road in Shanghai.A crasy suggestion I can image:In Late Spring or late Fall,you can travle along Coastal road from Sanya Hainan To Dalian Liaoning,you can know most of China in a week.
I would also have to say Sanya, Hainan.I went to Whuzhizhou Island myself and it was very beautiful, but very touristy. But you may also look for some more places off the beaten path.
none...that i know...surely not in beijing unless you can cope with traffic jams!
I suggest Hainan. I'd been living there for several years when my dad worked there. It;s a great city. weather is very pleasant.i think its the best diving spot in China.
I think you can find this in hainan,and of course,if you can find a reservoir in mainland you can also do this,but sure be carefull.
Hainan is the best area to enjoy the diving and other like sea food and fruits.Enjoy!
Pan Jia kou, 200km from Bei Jing, there is a resort for diving----Underwater Great Wall

depth - don't know
the bottom - mudabrupt slope
visibility - 3-8m
water stream - slight
open time - around the year

Besides, Sanya of Hainan, I think underwater great wall would be an interesting diving trip.

I heard that Dongsha Islands, Xisha Islands, GuangZhou and Qiandaohu Lake in Hangzhou all have diving places.
Absolutely Sanya,Hainan Island.You may go diving in Da Dong Hai(Large east sea,since there's a small east sea)
Yes,Hainan is the best choice. You can go to Yalong Bay there which is the most famous diving place in China.
Haha!my friend,of course the southest part of China~~~
Hong Kong,there is some diving centre with PADI courses.
for sure it is sanya of hainan province ...but i dont agree with big east sea ...i think the sea there is not that clean and blue ...i recommend u to go to Wuzhizhou Island.the sea there is so beautiful and blue ,,i think it is the most beautiful sea i have ever seen in China ~and u can enjoy Jet Ski and other water sport items there ...the price of the island is about 150RMB, and the if u want to play with theses sports u should pay extra money .but if u went there urself ,the prices of these sports will be expensive .i suggest that u'd better get a guide before that ,and the guide can cut these prices for u ,always be 50% of the full price...have fun ~!
Definitely Sanya in Hainan Island. I dived there in 2008.
definetely Sanya, Hainan island
the south of china.hainan province is good 4 diving.and in my view,the city of Beihai,Guangxi province is better
Hainan am just travel here now lol
I recommend you go to Sanya in Hainai province or Qiandao Islands in Zhejiang province。
Hainan, Dalian and Qingdao are all good for diving. =]
i think in the coast cities of china ,you can diving ,especially the weather is hot ,permit you do diving.
Suzhou,it's my favorite city.but i went to there after Spring Festival.i was a little disappointed ,that might be that i didn't chose the right rounte.Anyway,Suzhou is still a good place to visit.By the way,Suzhou is near to Shang hai,Hang zhou and other beautiful cities.Totally, cities which were called "Jiang Nan" are worth visiting.
Have a good tour in China!^^
hainan is the best place for diving i think... its called the eastern hawaii... and if u want, can also go to thailand and Malay
Go hainan island, 1 hour flight from hongkong
Hiya, Hainan Island is the best choice, but be prepared for the heat...
Shenzhen is the only place I know of for diving.
it's basing on which kind of place you like to go and how many days you would spend. South? North? or what?
As per my knowledge, Hainan island is the best place for diving people.The picturesque Yalong Bay is a great place for you and your friends.Have fun!
I just want to add something. I live near Zhanqiao In Qingdao. There are many old men dive on a platform of Zhanqiao. If you are brave enough and you can try this. It is free and the old people just dive in the way they like. I am very impressed by their confident smile and their attitude towards life.
i think it should be in hainan province.
Hello. When are you planning to emback on your trip to China ? Thanks
Yes. Many people would recommend Southern area of china for diving, but only a few people would invite you to come to Qinghai province, China, for Yellow River Crossing Diving Competition(international) in summer time in Xunhua County, Qinghai.

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