Fun things to do in Taiwan? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Taiwan which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Taiwan


river hiking~~ Taiwan is the only place I know offering hiking tour upstream in river / creek!
riding a scooter if you have a driving license. I think most foreigners tend to take public transportation, but the transportations outside Taipei and Kaohsiung are not so convenient. If it's possible for you, I'd suggest to rent a scooter and get a map, and then sightseeing by urself.
Eat in night market, as local people do in every day.
The East coast is by far the best place to visit in Taiwan. I live at the crux of the best eco-tourism in Taiwan, White water rafting, whale and dolphin watching, organic farms, deep sea fishing. Hualien county is the most pristine part of Taiwan. Come and visit!
The most important religious event for Taiwanese is pilgrimage of Mazu(the Guardian of fisherman in China and Taiwan)in Taichung country and Changhua city,it usually takes place around late march,like this year,it's March 21(set off) and 28(return). You'd experience the craziest fireworks and lots of firecrackers.The organization of this event also invites various performers from different countries. If you happened to be in Taiwan in late march,this' one thing you can't miss.
Road Trip by scooter in Taiwan is a MUST experience for foreigners.You can either get a map(which might confuse you sometimes) or just grab any local for direction(well,you might have to use your poor chinese or show your map).If you could have a local friend to write down some useful sentences in both english and chinese for you to show to any locals,it'd help a lot.
Go on a Scooter Road Trip around the Island will definitely be an impressive experience. You can go up to the mountains, hot springs and seasides.
In the city, better to try our karaoke which is really popular to do in everyday. In the countryside, must to experience BBQ sweet potatoes or chickens undergroound.
Driving to Mt. Ali in the afternoon to wait for amazing beatiful sunset and stay @guest house for enjoying wild vegetables& simple life, then go to see gorgeous sunrise in the early morning!!
It's fun to bike on the river sides.If you come to Tainan living at with my family, you may see us biking on the band of a river near by my home every afternoon. We bike along the river all the way to a castle and a beach seeing sunset.
I'd definitely recommend a trip to the eastern part of the island, to Taitung or Hualien, where the air is clean, the water pristine and the view to take your breath away. Riding a scooter around the Green Island off the coast of Taitung is a wonderful experience you should try too!

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