Hi could you tell me about how foreigners are treated in Canada in places like restaurants, banks, migration departments, shops,...

...state institutions or other places :)


Country: Canada


well look, I lived in Canada for 2 years and i can tell you first hand that Canadians are one of the most welcoming people that i know, people are really social and friendly and you are going to see that they always have a smile on there face
Hello! you will have a great tiime in Canada, MOST people are excellent, helpfull and just plain nice. However; this also depends on whether or not you are in a big city, or a small town like Quebec or Halifax! You will possibly be treated differently in each. Remember - be yourself, have fun, and treat people the way you would like to be treated! good luck,
We love foreigners, especially cooked in mushroom sauce!
Seriously, foreigner or not, everybody is treated nicely if they are nice to begin with.
Canada is a wonderful place and I can't think of anyone who was treated badly here.
You will like it.
Hi, we're generally easy going people. There's so much of an ethnic diversity across the country in major urban centres that people have been brought up accustomed to being accepting.
rule of thumb, the East Coast is known for it's hospitality
Hi Paulius,
I'm Asian, so obviously I'm a "foreigner" for Western. I immigrated to Canada in 2007. When I went to government department to apply something I needed. I could feel Canadian civil servants are very patient and nice. I live in New Westminster city, in Metro Vancouver. People always say, "Good morning!" "Hello!" to me wherever on the road or in the elevator of my apartment. You won't be surprised when people chat with a stranger. Sometimes, when I'm waiting for the traffic light, someone talks about the weather with me. Vancouver's weather is changeable especially in spring, maybe rains in the morning, snows at noon and then becomes sunny in the early evening. As well when I'm in a line for checking out at a store, sometimes people chat with me. Most cashers are friendly too. They'll say, "How are you,""have a nice day" or "have a good one." Most bus drivers are nice too. I think Canadian is one of the friendliest people in the world. Canada is a multicultural country, people respect different culture, different races. I think even a few people don't like immigrants they still won't show too much. Canadian concerns about racial discrimination issue. Maybe the custom officers are especially serious, but that's their work. They absolutely welcome travellers. Don't worry about that, just pack your luggage and be ready on your way to visit this beautiful, nice and friendly country.
Canadians are foreigners....have no will have rights and freedom...yes there are somes challenges and frustrations...but we all do....welcome...bienvenue...
Canadians are very welcoming, warm, friendly people. Foreigners are treated with respect and kindness everywhere. It might be a little different if you go to the east, like Quebec, where most people speak French rather than Enlgish, but still you will not be treated badly, just a little differently than you might be treated on the western side of Canada.
Very good, the best country in the world for foreigners!!!
Generally visitors to Canada are treated very well and with respect. The languages are French and English. When dealing with banks etc. personal ID is required. When passing through customs have all your documents ready. I hope this has been helpful.
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Dear Paulius - Greetings from a truly amazing country! I have lived abroad in the United States in numerous cities, as well as in Paris, France and can tell you simply that nowhere I have been are people of varied ethnic origins accepted quite like they are in Canada.

We are a country of immigrants you see. I myself am only second generation Canadian, with my forefathers and mothers being Irish and Spanish. As a result, if you are seeking some kind of "norm" to how people in general are treated in public, the answer is according to the people making the reaction, but generally very well indeed.

With regard to how people from other countries are treated by "official" bureaucrats and the like at airports, etcetera, I think we fair better than most from a global perspective, but I have had my share of idiots in uniforms, so no one is exempt from the universal kinds of stupidity. There are no restrictions to coming to Canada and traveling freely while meeting great people from coast to coast.

Hope this helps and happy trails!

If you are will receive the same treatment back and more! Canada is proud to be an open minded society...and that means accepting all people, residents and tourists! Enjoy this beautiful country.
we are a very diverse society and treat everyone with equal respect most times.
Hi, I'm a Canadian and I say this with great pride as we Canadians are well known for our overly generous natures. We don't frown on anyone, and with the possible exception Immigration Offices, they give everyone a hard time. You will just love the people of Canada. Treat us with respect and get it back ten fold. We are a friendly Country that hopefully one day you will write something like this because of the positive experience you recieved while in Canada.

Good luck.

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