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I'll be traveling to Japan but I also want to get to Taiwan from there. How can I do that? Do I ride a ferry boat or an airplane? What would be the cheapest way to travel between these two countries?


Country: Taiwan


Its a 2.5 hour flight between Tokyo and Taipei, so taking a boat is out of the question, although a cruise would probably be really nice. But that wont be cheap. You can take a boat between Okinawa and Keelung (Northern Taiwan, just outside of Taipei), but again, flying would be quicker and cheaper
Flying would be your best answer. There are daily flights to and from Tokyo and Osaka to Taipei. The distance is too great and it would be too time consuming to take a ferry boat.
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Basically it's all depends "where" are you plan to fly over from Japan to Taiwan?
Because Taiwan is not far away from Japan, and you MUST need to take a airplane to Taiwan. UNLESS you are a good swimer, then you may able to saved money for your trip. If you ONLY coming for short time of period, you can check for "Airline company's travel package". They have some cheaper prise during these slow season, sometimes it's come with hotel room as well~~

If you are not sure where to visit a while when you are here in Taiwan, I hopes - my personal blog will able to show you some ideas about Taiwan....especially in South part of Taiwan.


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Lights are rather inexpensive between Taiwan and Japan now, ranging from NT8K to 10K. Pls let me know if you need help booking the flight.

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