I looking for props ( top black hats and sticks) like the ones you use in a musical or a cabaret.. any clue where i could source it in...

...Taipei .. address and tel nos would be most helpful..


Country: Taiwan


Try to check here
Hi there,

I would suggest you either contact the American School in Taipei (or any other international shool in the city), as they are sure to have a drama department or teacher who would know where to get these items - call them on 886 2 2873 9900.

Alternatively, call Gateway, a community organisation - they will also be able to point you in the right direction - 2835 2778.

Good luck!

The largest supply of dance / performance goods supplying district is in xi-men-ding on han-kou street and han-zhong street. You can get there from the #1 exit on the xi-men-ding MRT stop. Happy shopping. ~ Judy
probably you may check this site out :)

*Yue Wu Chinese Costume Co.
Tel: 886-2-2382-2423
Fax: 886-2-2371-2411
Add:1F No.62, Sec.2,Changsha St,Wanhua District,Taipei City

and you should take look around this area in Taipei,
there are many various costume suppliers for rent.
I think Shi-Men-Ting is a great place to find the goods that you want. You can go around or try this one, No.62, Sec. 2, Changsha St.(tel:(02)23822423) This one sales fun dressing for party.

You also can find toy for making a fool of friends, 2F., No.21, Sec. 2, Wuchang St. (tel:(02)23618801)

have fun.
If you are buying a big quantity and looking for a factory, I might help you to source it.
u can find it at Ximen-ting. there are many costume renting stores. It's also possible if you want to buy it.
Ting-Ting 02-23882992
2F., No.150, Hanzhong St., Wanhua District, Taipei City 108, Taiwan

There are many props shops over there all settled on the Hanzhong St. go and show them a similar pic they can help u to make one.
Hi... I don't know the answer to the question if you're talking about Taipei because I live in Taichung. But in Taichung there is a store on the corner of Wenxin Rd. and Shituin Rd. I believe the building is yellow. You are able to buy or rent costumes there. Hope it helps!
I've browsed the website and found there's one costume company in Xiemending has the various selections.
You could go to check it out. (near Ximending station)
Here is the website:

Good luck,
Yuchi Gong
sorry, I spent 1 hour looking for the info. and, I will keep looking for it in Taipei. I am sure you can find it somewhere. And, I will inform you the address or TEL if I found it...
Hi, you may try these two props & dress rent house as belows,
1. Yue-Wu Drama & Dancing Dressing Co.

TEL:886-2-2382-2421~3 FAX:886-2-2371-2411
open: 9:00-20:00 (Mon. to Sat.)
address: 62, Sec.2 Chang-Sha St. Taipei
2. Dancing & Drama Dressing Ltd., Co.

address: 57, Sec.2 Chang-Sha St. Taipei
TEL:(02)2375-5145 2331-3119  FAX:(02)2361-6585 
3. Chin-Long (transliteration) Dancing & Drama Dressing Ltd., Co.
address: 137 Han-Zhong St. Taipei
Tel:(02) 2381-3218

4. Sin-Cho Dancing Dressings
address:167 Han-Zhong St. Taipei
Tel:(02) 2311-3777

You can see that there are many props rent shops located around Street Han-Zhong & Street Chan-Sha where is also near Taipei MRT(Taipei rapid transit system).
Try it and have fun~~

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