I want to stay in one country in Asia for a month.Which place would you suggest for the best sight?Have already been to China.

Want a great vacation with all the essntials of a holiday!


Country: China


Vietnam, a very unique and challenging place to spend a month. Once you're here, you would just want more. The good thing about Vietnam is that you can discover the country's best kept secret by traveling north to south or vice versa. It is hours away from its neighboring countries Laos and Cambodia. Hope you take my advice :).
Shanghai should be ur best Chioce. As the most developed city in China, u could not only visit the metropolis landscape in Asia, but also some very graceful small towns nearby this city. U can have a dinner in the highest rotating restaurant in Asia and have a bird-view of the whole city; u can have a sight-seeing of totally different style architectures in Bund,which are just located cross a river; u will have an amazing experience when u visit some shanghai-charactered building named Shikumen,u will never believe there are so many high class bars, restaurants and hotels hiding inside in such houses.
How long did you visit China? It's a big country with many different areas that are dissimilar. Have you been to the North? Have you been to the Far West?

If you do want to go somewhere else for a month, I haven't been to all the countries in Southeast Asia, but I have been to Thailand five times! Malaysia is also fascinating!
Absolutely China. It's such a big country, too much to learn, though you been here before one time tour is not enough for China. check my blog it might helps you make up your mind to start another China tour.
Any of the countries in South-East Asia are beautiful and diverse. Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam all have amazing history, landmarks, culture, and adventures. If you haven't been to Thailand yet it is a great place for a true vacation: on one had beautiful beaches, swimming with sharks, tropical forests and on the other the cosmopolitan other-worldliness of Bangkok. I would think a whole month might get a little bit boring but the other South-East Asian countries are easy to get to from Thailand.
well if you have been to China, then I suggest you should visit Thailand this time.It is cheap, nice and crazy place! Haaaaaa!!! Of course, there are so many places in China I can tell you never been and even never known, but if you feel tired about China, then Thailand and Japan you should go!!!
I have no idea about those cities in other countries of Asia. If you wanna come to China second time, welcome to Hangzhou, southeast of china. A beatiful city. It is better to come in spring or autumn.
YunNan,absolutely!JUN is the best time!The scenery there is wonderful and you can feel strong sense of Chinese characteristics.
My suggestion is Thailand, but so far the situation down there is not very suitable. So maybe you can go to Japan, cause of the Cherry blossom season is coing.
Hi, well i am living in China for 5 years now and i think Beijing is the best place for you to enjoy your time, have fun meet friends, and visit exiting places.

I would choiuce Thailand if you allready been to China and do not want to go there again. I have lived in China for years and I still have not seen it all.

But Thailand is great and if you want it is easy to go of to Vietnam and Cambodia from Thailand as well.

Have a nice holiday.

I would choiuce Thailand if you allready been to China and do not want to go there again. I have lived in China for years and I still have not seen it all.

But Thailand is great and if you want it is easy to go of to Vietnam and Cambodia from Thailand as well.

Have a nice holiday.
well, which cities you have been to? coz there are a lot more to see in China, not just in big cities, some medium size or small town are pretty attractive. Apart from China, i do recommend Thailand. though i know many people are concerned about personal safety and stuff,but its definitely a beautiful place to visit and different culture to immerse.
Of course China! China is the biggest country with the longest history and has multifarious culture in it. When and how long have you been in China? I'm sure there are plenty more wonderful scenes for you to visit.
Hi,I figure my hometown Xi'an will be your best choice.Trust me ,Xi'an has the longest history in China,and people there are very nice.So just come to Xi'an,it's not gonna let u down.Contact me if necessary.
Try the Philippines. Not yet a tourist trap, for the most part. You can immerse in culture and arts in the Cities (Manila and Baguio) and in the endemic wildlife experiences. Stay two weeks and take in the arts and culture of these two cities.
The best wildlife encounter in the world is with the huge whalesharks, locally called butanding. You can swim with them out in the wild -- 90% chance of sighting in Donsol, Sorsogon!!
Visit one of the Decade Volcanos - Taal Volcano, one of the world's deadliest and sits in a lake. The crater lake inside the volcano is a lake in an island in a lake in an island.
Well,i would say China great for visit : ) if you you already been to China and want try some other different culture in Asia.. you can think about India, thailand or vietenam ..
As an Chinese,I would like to recommend you Hangzhou for sure.It's place near Shanghai,where you can come by air plane or any transportations very easily.Hangzhou is the No.1 city which the citizens feel happiness to live in.this city has a lot of famous place for you to visit,will make you exprience the mysterious of China.Since you will spend whole month as your vacation,so I think better visit more and more.and also I suggest you go to India.
Vietnam is ok, but I really suggest either Taiwan or Korea. Taiwan is great because it is very culturally rich (I'd say even more so than China!) Also the people are super friendly and there are all kinds of sights from cityscapes to countrysides to beaches. If you go definitely go to Hualian for beautiful scenery and Kending for the beaches. Everyone whose lived in Taiwan loves it.
Also Korea is great as well, I have been to a few places there such as Busan and Jeju Island and if you love spicy food and bbq and great shopping and beautiful scenery than Korea can offer you all of those! I used to work on a cruise ship that traveled all of Asia so this is where my advice stems from :D
Well, I was wondering how long did you stay in China last time and how many place you have been there?? I think China is quite big and maybe you would like to know it more.
But if you are really not into China this time I suggest you to visit Japan or Tailand, they are also great place to go. But Japan is quite expensive though, Tailand is cheaper~
how long did you stay in China last time? I think China is such a big place that you will definitely wanna know more about it. But if ur not into it any more, maybe Japan or Tailand! but Japan is more expensive though.
anyway, good luck with your trip~
China is a good place to spend your vacation ,from east to west,experiencing different cultural atmosphere.
But for more excitement or relaxation , I really suggest you try some other countries like Japan and Korea, Tailand and Malaysia.Or if you are just interested in unsophisticated and simple life,try Laos.
But what I heard much worth going is India!
Just make your decision according to your purpose and interests!Good luck!
Definitly China. I say it not because I am a Chinese. I travel quite often myself, so there are som reasons to support my idea.
1, China is one of the oldest civilization in the world, so there are so many ancient things to see here;
2, China is one of the biggest country in the owrld in area and population, so you can enjoy a variety of the landscape and cultures;
3, More and more people can speak English so it will be quite convenient for travelers;
4, Locals here are very friendly with hospitality :)
So Welcome!
Hey man,
It depends on what you're into.

If you dig deserts, head to Mongolia,
If you want ocean and surf and sun go to Fiji.

For awesome electronic stuff (at lower prices than the states) Japan
If you like monuments and statues head to Thailand...

Lijiang in china, if you have not been there.
How long have you been in China and where did you go? How about your interest? I think you should consider your interest and life style when you choose a place to stay although it's short term.

For foreigners, Singapore, Hongkong, Shanghai and Beijing the good choice to live. you will feel comfortable in these cities. But you want to experience nature, yunnan provice is best place. Its capital Kunming is called spring city due to great weather condition and beautiful nature scene. Of course, Hangzhou (capital of Zhejiang provice) is not a bad choice too. It's my favorite place in China besides Yunnan since it's natural,modern and traditional. And only 2hrs train far from Shanghai.
If you can afford to stay for a month... Bhutan would be the ideal place...voted as the happiest nation of Asia and the 8th happiest country in the world by Business Week from UK press

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