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I am thinking of treking the Tiger Leaping Gorge and was wondering if anyone could give me some info about it or a website that is useful (there are so many useless ones). Thank you very much.


Country: China


You need go to Li Jiang first and rent a jeep and local travel guide there. Or you can rent a very local guide when you arrive at the gorge. Here is a good info. about this part travel FYI

Try this,
Speaking from experience, I hiked the gorge last summer and it rocks. Start from Lijiang and catch the bus early morning to Tiger Leaping Gorge's front gate area (Appx 2 hrs). Then you can either drive in and hike out or hike in and drive out. It sometimes can be a little finding a minivan to drive you out. That's why I suggest driving in if you can. I negotiated a minivan to drive me and my girl in, wait for us at the upper gorge to go for viewing then continue on to Tina's for my hike back out for around RMB 150, plus he got us free tickets. Only thing I regret is not going farther, the views are great and will keep your mind off the tired body. If you have specific questions shoot a way and go here for some good information, maps, etc. Stay on the high road for your trek, the trail is fairly easy to follow and safe.
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sorry, i am not familiar with it. If you have interest on visiting Jiangnan, southeast of china, contact me.

a private tour opeartor in Yunnan which arranges hiking and cycling tour in yunnan.
Best time: April, May and start of June. July and August best avoid (raining season). Plan 3-4 days to hike though it can be done in 2. Take a bus at Lijiang main bus station leaving at 8:30, drop-off at Qiaotou (2 hr ride), fare each way around Y20. Admission fees: Y50. Only the high trail is worth hiking. From Qiaotou end, cross over bridge, turn right, pass through gate, pay fees at the ticket office, go on to a school building some few hundred metres away. Behind school is where arrow start direct you to high path which continues on for a good few kilometers uphill then ascends through the 28 bends to the highest viewpoint (about 5 hrs). You then descend down into a pinewood and, after crossing a bridge, the path will take you to Bendi Wan, some 2 hrs walk from the 28 bends. Once at Bendi Wan you have the option to finish your walk for the day or continue on to Walnut Grove, another 2 or 3 hrs away. Accommodation at Bendi Wan: Halfway Guesthouse, bed from Y10 per night, it offers excellent spot to enjoy the view of the gorge and guided tour into the Haba Mountains, and horse riding. There is a path from Bendi Wan that connects with the road so you could conveniently switch your route at this point or return back to Qiaotou a different way. There are short and long trek depending how much time you could spent in the gorge and required physically fit. In Qiaotou, there is a 'Gorged Tiger Cafe' run by an Australian woman with up to date information. The space here is limited so I can't give you more information. Hope this helps, enjoy!
Actually I never been there yet but here is one website,maybe you can check it.Hope it's helpful for you.
first you should better take a tour at Shangri la, then take the bus heading to Li Jiang; in the middle of bus trip , you will find Tiger Leaping Gorge, and you can enjoy the place as ur favor.
A very useful Flickr photo set about hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge.
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