I will be visiting Taiwan soon. Can you please tell me what are the things that I should do there and what places I should go to?

What are the local attractions for tourists that I cannot miss? What kind of foods are also "must-try"s in Taiwan?


Country: Taiwan


Hello~ Good morning to you from South Taiwan, how are you?

If you are talking about the "BEST area" as you shouldn't missing it, a while when you visit Taiwan for your trip~
I personally do recomment Eastern Part of Taiwan, there is a national part of Taiwan there.
Here is their web link show as below-

Also, "KenTing" is another national park in Taiwan as well~ KenTing is down very south part of Taiwan, nice weather and beaches~ Because there is many visitors there on weekend, also many foreigners goes there as well....

Please feel free to check my blog or do the serching of bluemoon711-1974...
these two places the kaoxiang friend mentioned are natural scene. if you wanna know the culture part, please visit Nightmarket(we have it in every city), Taiwanese traditional food are really famous.(expecially Tainan)

in Taipei, you also can visit Eslite 24hr bookstore/music shop, and XiMenDing see young and fashion generation and buy some cheap clothes and wash hot spring in BeiTao,Wednesday night visit bar Roxy99 you can get 4 free Tainese beer.

in Tainan, you can visit those old tempels, they will give you blessing and peaceful mood. and old streets make the friendly people more sweet and nice.

others depend on how many days you have and what you like to do ... then i can show you more.
Not sure how long you'll be here and if you are the party type or the nature type. But, "must try food," if you dare, are: stinky tofu, oyster omelet, sticky wrap meat ball, and the vast varieties of fresh fruits!

Taipei has lots of night life. The hot springs are must do in this season. Feel free to send me a service request and I can give you a personalized itinerary depending on your length of stay and your interest.
hi,first of all welcom you to go to Taiwan first!
then about your question,when will you come here?
Apri 3~April 5 there are big musical part in the south of Taiwan.
It is a huge annual music party being hold at the beach of Kenting during spring break of each year.

Day and night, famous bands and singers take turns to play music on the stage; while thousands of people come from all regions in Taiwan dance off the stage. It is also known that people may drink or drug in the party.
The event symbolizes "to yell for spring".

and about others
(below are all in Taipei or Taipei county)
I think you should go to National Place Museum.CKS memorial.Shilin Presidential Residence.jioufen.
Pingxi--to release the flying lanterns.DanShei old street.Shilin night market.Wu Fen Pu--buying cheap clothes.
Pak Sha Wan--beach,Wulai.Beitou have hot spring..

and more suggestions
I recommend you apply the free mobile phone here, about the details are here

and that website is vey ver good!
you should take a look!!!

if you still have any question or want more information or want me to explain to you more clearer..
send me email

You should try diving in Kenting(one of the most fish species place in the world) or climbing high mountains(around 4000 m height) or the roads to across those high mountains then to see the east coast of Taiwan.If I were you, I might start from the airport to Taipei 101. Before that, I would put my luggage in a hostel near by Taipei station. Then, I would take bus or subway to Taipei 101 and have meals there first. And then take the fastest elevator in the world to the top of Taipei 101 to see the real map of this city. And, I would plan to go the biggest night market in Taipei.(ask any local, they would be helpful.) the subway system is also very helpful, just go down there and you can get map and info. Next day, I would go National museum (the best class of Chinese culture, you will see its worth after reading its history.) And, there could find many places you want to go in Taipei by subway. But, you must not miss the north east coast trip. And, go from east acrossing the middle mountains to Taichung city(a big big night market). And then Tainan city(The first city of Taiwan, you may see Taiwan historial buildings including 38 years Dutch rule and 50 years JApanese rule) And, you can live in my home and my family is good at making the best food of Taiwan (professional). And, then Kaoshiung City also has its subway system. There, you may see the largest department store in Asia. And, somethings you can discover there easily with its subway and maps. After the cities, you might love Kenting: its sea is like Caribbean islands...the Southern of Taiwan and there's also an aquarium museum there around...please ask more about what you are interested in..
Hi there,

It depends where you will be - if you are in Taipei, the capital, there is plenty of sights, and nightlife. See the National Palace Museum, which contains everything which got removed from the Forbidden City in Beijing in 1949. Other things? Any of the temples, Taipei 101, and the shopping areas on Chunghsiao East Road and Hsimending if you like shopping.

Outside of Taipei, obviously it depends where you are. Tainan is the most historical location in Taiwan, Kaohsiung is big and industrial but increasingly pretty.

In terms of nature (outside of Taipei, obviously), see the East coast (amazing), and Taroko Gorge, as well as any of the big mountains - Alishan is stunning, esp. for the sunrise.
Hi there,

No.1 thing you must to see is our national palace museum. We got most of the treasure from China. You can check all the details from the following link.

CKS Memorial Hall. You can tell how democracy has changed Taiwan. Do check the schedule of MP changing shift. Must see.

Alishan the most beautiful mountain in Taiwan. With old fashion train to the top to watch sunrise.

101 building.

For food. Yo have to try the night market. The most famous one is Taipei HWAHSI tourist night market. The snake soup is the most famous one there and with other very LOCAL food from taiwan.

When you come to Taiwan you will find out it's a bsutiful place and people are friendly to foreigner.

Let me know if you have any other question or need any help.
Dear Friend,
It' nice to hear that you want to visit Taiwan. My suggestion is you have to visit Taipei for the trip. There are couple of places you must to go.
1. Shih Lin night market
2. 101 Taipei financial building
3. Yang Ming mountain
4. Jiang Guo weekend flower market
5. Grand Hotel
6. Palace Museum
7. The Martyr's Shrine
8. Sun Yatsent Memorial Hall
9. CKS Memorial Hall(including national concert hall and theatre)
10. Zhong Xiao E. Rd. (SoGo shopping distric)
If you like, you can call me, I would love to show you around Taipei.
In Taipei, there's a wealth of things to do. Here's a short list of places you should hit, and why...

Taipei 101 and Xinyi - On a clear day, you can see the whole city. Nothing will help you get your bearings better. This area is also full of luxury restaurants of all styles, and it heats up at night!

Ximending - A youthful, vibrant area where you can do some inexpensive shopping, grab some snacks, and explore without ever stepping too far from the certainty of the MRT station. Definitely check the cafes and bars behind the Red House Theater! (Ximen MRT Station)

Shilin Night Market - Biggest in town... This is an ideal place to sample local street food, pick up some souvenirs and knickknacks, or just browse the pet shops full of little cuties. But it's also crowded! Be warned! (beside Jiantan MRT)

Longshan Temple/Snake Alley - Personal favorites of ours, mostly for its dichotomy. Longshan Temple is a beautiful spiritual place, and it's very soothing. Snake Alley, right next door, is the height of seediness offering bizarre foods believed to be aphrodisiacs and sex shops. (Longshan Temple MRT Station)

Danshui - Located on the Danshui River at the northermost reaches of the MRT system, this is a great area to wander around and have some fun. Day or night, this place is full of carnival games, street vendors and even a Ripley's Believe-It-Or-Not Museum tucked away. There are also buses to the lovely Fisherman's Wharf where you can enjoy sea breezes.

As for food, you should go out and see what strikes your fancy. Stinky tofu is not for the faint of heart... You'll probably think you stepped in something first time you smell it. Oyster omelets are also fantastic. Beef noodle soup is also a great meal. But you want to sample all of what Taiwanese food has to offer, check out some of the many Taiwan Buffets and sample a bit of everything.
Central Taiwan is a good choice as well, nice scenes, Sun Moon Lake is a good place to visit, my favorite spot of all. If in Taichung, you can even rent a scooter to go around, or a bike.

Also Food is definitely the must do, night markets, night markets, night markets. Try everything that looks new to you, will be fun.
Hi there,

First off, Welcome to the ROC...When you are Taipei, some of the must sees are: Taipei 101 ( worlds tallest building), Chang-Kai Shek(CKS) Memorial Hall, Sun-Yat Sen (SYS) Memorial Hall, National Palace Museum, DanShui, Beitou ( for the hot springs), the various night markets ( Ton-Hua Street, Shih-Lin and Rao-hao street), Mao-Kong...just outside the city, you can check out Yang-Ming Mountain and Jo-Fin.

Must try foods: beef noodle soup, spicy hot pot (ma-la kuo),
Taiwanese Breakfast (dumplings, soyabean milk, flat baked bread with a chinese salty donut, fried egg on a chinese style tortilla), stinky tofu ( try it if you dare, haha), gua-bao( chinese style sandwich), rice dumpling made with meat and vegetables, mein-shein( short noodles mixed in a saucey-soup with meat and vegetables), various types of dumplings, and the small food stands( selling various kinds of local specialities)....

Hope this helps you...have fun....
For night market, you should definitely come to Fong-Chia Night Market.^^ As for sight seeing, expect for Sun-Moon Lake. You may want to visit Si-Tou which is totally surrounded by the natural scene. I just went there the other day. I love that place~
the food you must be try
1. stink doufu-a strong-smelling preserved bean curd)
p.s. lot of people don't have currage to try it.
2. fry eel noodle- is kid of fish
3. seafood congee-seafood with rice
4. chinese medicinal cuisine with rib-one of the longrs
tanding means practiced by the chinese that aim at
5. roast mullet roe-with gree onion and drink beer
6.cuttlefish in thickeneed soup- very delicious
7.traditional Chinese rice-pudding-a tratitional delicacy
made with steamed rice wrapped in leaves(p.s. if you are
a veg still can eat just order veg one)
8.oyster omelet-fresh oyster the best you can't miss
To be honest, lot of food that you should try because its kind of differnt culture and cook-style. i suggest you can go to our local nigt-market. after that, you will understand it.
place to go in Kaoshiung city:
1. sanfeng central street-is a market selling 4 major kinds
of food (namely mountain food, seafood, frutit snacks and
canned food)--different to point of view for learn
2.British consulate at Takao-was built in 1865, Europen-
disigned. you can over looks the kaoshiung port view.
3.Gushan Ferry pier/fisermen's Association-another place
you can overlook the view of Kaohsiung city.
4.Cijin island-different area more close to the sea.(light
5.Fisherman's Warf-place for realx for view, coffee and
meals (kaohsiung harbor)
6.kaohsiung Museum of fine Arts
7.kaohsiung Museum of History-about the city of Kaohsiung
and holds regular history-themed exhibitions.
hope you like my suggest. enjoy your time in Taiwan.
The Palace Museum in the suburb of Shih Lin, Taipei, is one visit you cannot afford to miss. A bowl of "chicken rice" (Ji Ro Fan, Gei Ba Bun, Guei Ba Bun) is one food you must try.
1.Northern twn:Taipei 101,National palace museum,Ilan,Sh-Lin nite market,Dan-shui fisherman's wharf,Dutch Fort,etc.
2.Central twn: Taichung National science museum,Lukang Temple in Changhua county,Sun-Moon Lake in Nanto county,Alisan in Chia-yi county,etc.
3.Southern twn: Hsi-tz-wang in kao-hsiung,Kenting in Ping-ton county,etc.
4.Eastern twn: Taroko Gorge in Hua-lien,Zi-Ben hot spring in Tai-tong,etc.
As for food,beside the nitemarkets in each town,there're different kinds of special treats in each city or county,you must go and ask the local resident for best choices. Relax and have fun!Taiwanese love to help,no worries!
Sorry for my late reply. Well, how long are you planning to stay in Taiwan? Do you prefer cities, beaches or the mountains?
You can see Taipei 101 the tallest building in the world and the fastest lift in the world. Go to night markets to esperience the culture and food. Climb the tallest mountain to see the beauty that you cannot imagine or go to see the gorge and feel the power of nature. You can also go to the most southern point to enjoy the beach and the blue sea.
Nice and local restaurant:
I recommand " rice topped with chicken ",

Rice wine chicken, pip knuckle stew

some nice soup ~~~~
pork ball soup , sauted/ boiled dumplings , sour and spicy soup = must try

attractions :
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3. _ e.html
Love the hot springs egg on the Wulai Old Street.
Sorry to say...A BIT messy and dirty , but one stand serves tasty "sesame oil chicken " = typical Taiwanese dish Maybe you can try !
................still thinking...

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