Good budget hotel in Taiwan. Budget is $30-40/night and can accommodate 2-3 people. Recommendations please?


Country: Taiwan


What city are you looking for lodging in? There's so much to offer within, and even far below, that price range.
Good budget hotel in Taiwan between $30~40/ per night~
**It's kind of hard for assist you here, since you doesn't tell which city exectly as you plan to visit.
Because even for "YMCA / YWCA" in Taipei city, they are charge this prise for A person. That's why if you are plan to visit Taipei City.
I think - you may need to have a better range for serching a hotel to stay during your vacation time here.

Unless if you doesn't mind to stay in Motel, some type of drive-in model. Maybe you need to pay a little more, but I am sure that - should be okay for 2~3 people.

A hotel room for $30~40 / per night, it's not difficult to find it here in South Taiwan area. But...I really think - it's gotta be hard if you plan to visit and stay in Taipei City....
It's the most cheap fee I have found in Taipei. Try it by call: 0930 508 608. ChihBow Villa. Teh room charge is around NT$800/one person between NT$450/one person upon how many person stay. The hoetel is located on north seashore. It's a beautiful travel spot especially if you play surfing.
hey friend,my advise is to look for good B&B.
Don't know where exactly ur staying in Taiwan.
Give me more clue and I think can hook u up in cheap,nice ,clean ,safe B&B.cheers!!
There's a place in Taipei called "Hostelling International Taipei YH". They cater for individuals, groups and families. They're also open 24 hours a day, close to the MRT(Taipei Main Station), can speak English, Japanese and Chinese, and they offer free internet access. You can have a look at their website: , or you can call them. Their number is 886 223880885.
Hope this helps and all the best.
Location in Taiwan?
sorry this is a stupid question which means i don't know what is your 30 or 40 means (US or Pound or ---).
here is my suggestion in south Kaoshoung city.
first, you needs to think about which pleace you would liks to visit.
for example: in my area that nearly fishmen's Wharf. you can booking the hotel call huahou hotel . per/night cost 1150nt [free pick-up from train station{need to booking beofre you arrived},free breakfast,free inernet {need to bring your won computer},water, free bicycke to use, KTV and newspaper ](nearly 36US /26 Pound )but only for two person. also they got a room for 3 people but need to double check with them the price.
here is the website about this hotle ()
hope this anwer is ok to you .
If you are coming to Taichung, you can stay at a hotel called Athlete or some other local inns. They are all quite cheap
That's a URL, nd you can find this good price or or TEL:886-2-2331-1102 or FAX:886-2-2331-1393 They can offer good place and price there in Tipei city. And, if you come to Tainan city. I live here. MY family can help you as much as possible. All the best...Eric
1) China Youth Corps

To find a hostel near where you wish to stay, check out China Youth Corps:


Phone: (02) 2502-5858

2) Taipei YMCA International Guest House

Taipei’s YMCA (台北市中華基督教青年會 “Taipei City Chinese Christian Youth Organization”) is a bare-bones option for those on a very limited budget. While there are few amenities, the rooms are clean and the service is decent.

No. 19, XǔChāng St., Taipei


Phone: (02) 2311-3201

Price: 1600 NT/single
Taipei metro. is a bit hard to access such a low rate, but perhaps you can try the brand new Orange hotel, near the Taipei Train is the website ofr more info.
In Taipei city? About this price range I found 2 places that may match your budget. I use today's exchange rate of 1 USD=33.25 NTD(4/6)
1. Taipei House International Youth Hostel
One person $1280 NTD Week day($38.49 USD)
One person $1420 NTD weekend($42.70USD)
2 to 3 person family suite $600 NTD per person($18.04USD) during the week day $660($19.84USD) NTD per person during the weekend.
2. CityInn International Youth Hostel
with 2 queen size beds $1560 NTD per night($46.91 USD)
with 2 king size beds $1920 NTD per night($57.74 USD)
Do you need address or phone #s? If you need it let me know. I can also help you to book it if you like.
It is availiable for budget $30-40/night and accommodate 2-3 people: or or TEL:886-2-2331-1102 or FAX:886-2-2331-1393 They can offer good place and price there in Tipei city. And, if you come to Tainan city. I live here. MY family can help you as much as possible. All the best...Eric
Hey,i think you could check this website out!
(@ Taipei City)
(@ Tai-Chung)
(@ Kaohsiung)
my frans all luv this place,clean,comfortable and classy
i think you will lovin it!!
wish u hav good time in taiwan

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