Hi! i´m living in GZ and my mom and sister are coming to visit..they want to go to shanghai and bejing (and maybe even xian and/or...

...suzho)..i´ve tried to book some tours but they´re veryy expensive! So i was wondering is anyone could give me some advice on the hotels in Bj and SH .. in some city tours ( iwas thinking about a spanish or english speaking guide) ...annd some advice on where to book to the plane tickets....thankss!!


Country: China


allo Eduardo, how are you?
i can arrange everything for them in Beijing, see all the important places and i am sure its not expensive!
so i can bring them to Great Wall, Forbidden City, Summerpalace, Tempel of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, take them out for cheap shopping!(my wife is expert in negotiating prices, you want believe it!)i would be happy to guide them!
Arie, looking forward to hear from you !
hey Friend,
I am in Xi'an! and Hope I can help you. is the web for one of yougth hostel in Xi'an, not expensive I think, and it is also close to many places to see, such as bell tower, drum tower, city wall, moslim street..the famous bar street,because it is in city center!and the staff there can help you to get flights or something! well...if you have any quesions,you can call me, my names Tracy 15909201026.
have a nice day!
hola..mi llamo elena de shanghai. i am working in a hotel in shanghai, ple. tell me how much is ok for you per night in a hotel, and maybe i can give you some advice..

For hotel and airticket bookings I recommend
Easy and good pricing.

Guides I hope you can find trough Localyte or locally.
ok, in Shanghai I could help. What's your price range for hotel?

if you live in GZ, you can easily book domestic air tickets at the China Southern Airlines hotel by Guangzhou Train Station. Takes all of about 10 minutes from walking in the door to walking out with the tickets.
hi,i am a tour guide from beijing ,where do your mom and sister want to go ?forbidden city,great wall ,padan zoo...summer much you will pay the hotel,i can help you .
I can offer a free tour in Beijing, just to show them around here and do some localish things. But if you are looking for a professional tour guide, you'd better book one from the local travel agencies. It worth the money they asked but you can also try to do a litte bargaining. Then they can also book the hotels and tickets for you.
hey, you can stay in International Youth Hostel, it's pretty good, they provide single room, standard rooms, quandru-rooms, or even more...., the price is fair reasonable and lots of foreigners like to stay there durng their trips , and so u can make lot of friends

Re booking ticket, u can go to or , they provide tickets with reasonable price.

Hi, My agent can offer all the services you mentioned on the reasonable prices base, so if you like, just tell us the approx arrival date in Beijing,and class of the hotel. I will send you back the information asap.
Hi, Eduardo. You get what you pay for. Cheaper tours are of course got by you if you want. You know the cities: Beijing, Shanghai, even Xi'an that you mentioned, there are plenty of hotels, either high-class or low-class,expensive ones or cheap ones. You can just provide the needs that you want, as a experienced guide who is working in a international travel agency currenctly, I do like to help you. And in Xi'an I can arrange you a very good spanish-speaking guide, sure the service will not be cheaper. If you want a cheaper guide, a English-speaking guide is also available for you in any time. To book plane tickets, I can offer you a weblinks: , this web is very popular in China, hopefully it can help you to book fair tickets. Alright, wish you good luck!
I can help to arrange apt stay @RMB250/nite... 3 to a room! A Queen size and sofa bed... Near town and req 2 weeks advance notice
i m in shanghai
if u need some help of hotel or plane ticket,contect with me by email is ok,.
and tell me how much is prefect for u of hotle..about the tickets ,i could help u book them from ctrip.u could see it at frist ..
I'm a college student in Shanghai ,and I can be your tour guide while you r staying here for free.If there is a problem or u need my help to book the ticket,just send me email:
Try , you can also call 8008206666 for booking the hotels and airtickets. I use it myself very often,even when I travel abroad.

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